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Best Sex Swing Positions: How to Use a Sex Swing

Best Sex Swing Positions: How to Use a Sex Swing

Having a sex swing sounds like a lot of fun, but contrary to what you see in sex swing porn or the occasional sex swing gif, there is definitely a learning curve when it comes to swinging sex.

What Is a Sex Swing?

sex swing positions

Whether you call it a sex swing or a love swing, it is virtually any sex furniture that can be used to elevate your partner to allow for new positions during sex.

Types of Sex Swings

You can either make a DIY sex swing or buy one. There are many different types of sex swings, including:

  • Sex sling
  • Sex harness
  • Bondage swing

How to Use a Sex Swing

The first step is setup. Depending on the type of swing that you buy or make, your first step will always be set up. Next, you are going to want to figure out how to use your adult sex swing safely. Reading the manual can be more helpful than you think. Sure, you may be tempted to toss it and just figure it out on your own, but no one really wants to get tangled in a sex swing and spend hours trying to get detangled instead of, you know, actually having sex.

Safety Tips

While swing sex is a lot of fun, they can definitely be a little bit dangerous. Here are a few quick safety tips:

Secure your Base

Whether your swing is secured via a door or on a sex swing stand, you want to make sure that the swing can hold the weight of the person on it- either yourself, your partner, or a third party. Just hanging off the swing is nice, but you want the swing to be secure enough to hold your weight during sex.

Don’t Get Tangled

Depending on the type of sex swing you’re using, getting tangled is a real possibility. If you’re combining swing sex and BDSM, make sure that you have a way to get untangled quickly in case of an emergency.


Before you get into any sexual activity, make sure that the partner on the swing is secure and feels stable. You don’t want anyone falling off the sex swing during sex because they’ve slipped off or lost their balance. In some cases, the partner on the swing will also have to hang on to ensure that they actually stay on the swing.

Use Protection

Remember that all of the safety tips for regular sex still apply. Use protection as usual and never use the same condom from anal to vaginal or oral because you do not want those bacteria.

Start Slow

If it’s the first time using a sex swing for either yourself or your partner, make sure that you start slow. Make it clear that either yourself or your partner can call a timeout if something feels off. It’s also a good idea to start with the swing hanging over something soft such as a bed or, at the very least, pillows, to avoid injury if a fall does occur.

Sex Swings to Check Out

The best sex swing for you will depend on your preferences, sex swing experience, and living situation. Here are a few types to consider:

Door-Supported Swing

This is technically a sling and or a swing, but it’s a great option if you have a limited amount of space. This type of sex swing can be hooked over a door. The door closes to keep it secure, and you can then adjust it to your and your partner’s comfort level. When you’re done, simply take it down, and put it away.

Some of the best things about this type of sex swing are that it’s easy to set up and portable. If you have children or roommates in the house, this may be the ideal option.

Check out: Sportsheets Door Jam Sling

Swing with Restraints

If you’re looking to add an element of kink to your swing, having restraints is the way to do it. Swings with restraints can be door mounted, ceiling mounted, or even come with their own mount.

Check out: Mistuu Door Sex Swing for Adults

Spinning Swings

The really cool thing about this swing is the fact that it can spin 360 degrees, which allows for an entire range of new sensations for yourself and your partner. The sling is also sturdy, with the ability to hold up to 350 lbs. This means that you and your partner can spin together if you like.

The downside to any swing that you mount is, of course, the setup. If you rush the installation and don’t have a stable swing, the whole thing can collapse, not what you want happening during sex.

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Sex Swing Positions to Try

sex swing positions to try

When you have swinging sex, there are lots of options.

Weightless Oral

Sit back, relax, and enjoy as your partner does their thing. This works best if you have a sex swing with straps where you can hold on for balance. If your sex swing has restraints, you can use them for stability instead of adding an element of power exchange between you and your partner.

Give it a Spin

Sit back on the sex swing and use your legs to brace yourself so that your entire butt hangs off. Then lower yourself or your partner’s penis or strap-on. Once you have leverage, your partner can literally give you a spin during sex, which will definitely be a fun new sensation for all.

Space Dog

This is basically doggy style, but with a sex swing. The partner who is being penetrated is on the swing giving the partner who is doing the penetrating control the motions. While this works best with hammock type swings, it can be done with straps so long as the weight distribution is comfortable for the partner that’s on the swing.

Chandelier Swing

In this one, you and your partner both get on the swing and enjoy the ride while you have sex. For this position to work, the swing has to be stable enough to comfortably hold both yourself and your partner, which is definitely doable.


  • Sex swings are a fun way to spice up your sex life.
  • Safety on sex swings is key- no one wants a sex swing injury.
  • Get creative new sex techniques, but make sure your swing can support those positions.
  • Start slow.



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