help to stop porn addiction

10 Methods to Help Stop Porn Addiction

Being addicted to anything is generally not ideal. After all, experiencing uncontrollable compulsion to do just about anything can be bothersome. If you have an...

open relationship

What Is an Open Relationship?

Monogamous definition: “Relating to, characterized by, or practicing monogamy: having only one mate, spouse, or sexual partner at one time.” This definition from Merriam-Webster probably...


5 Tips to Help You Keep an Erection

Men tend to lose their ability to keep their erection as they get older, but thanks to science, research, and medicine, this doesn’t have to...

prostate play

Your Guide to Prostate Play

Whether you love it, hate it, or have no idea what it’s about, prostate play is definitely a topic to consider if you’re interested in...

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