Can You Have Period Sex and How?

Can You Have Period Sex and How?

Can you have sex on your period? The straight-up answer is yes, depending on how you and your partner feel about it! We’ve explored the most frequently asked questions about period sex and how to get down and dirty while keeping both partners happy and informed. Of course, it can get messy, but let’s face it, so can many other pleasurable forms of sex!

Period sex is entirely up to you, but let’s look at the facts and how to have sex on your period in the most enjoyable way possible.

Sex During Your Period FAQs

Sex During Your Period FAQs

Does Having Sex on Your Period Make You Bleed More? 

Sometimes, yes, in a way. It’s important to remember that when you’re on your period, you’re not actually bleeding. Your menstrual fluid looks just like blood, but it’s the discarded lining of your uterus.

That lining was getting ready to provide a home for an egg, so it is nutrient and iron-rich, just like blood. And when you have sex – particularly vigorous, enthusiastic sex – more of that fluid may come out, and it may come out faster, thicker, or in ways, you’re not used to. But remember, you’re not bleeding, and it’s completely normal, so don’t panic.

Do Girls Need Additional Protection While Having Sex on Their Period?

Any girl having sex needs to think about sex protection, but the only additional protection anyone needs during sex while on period is perhaps a towel or some tissues or wipes. Sex during a period is safe. It’s at least as safe as any other time in terms of STDs, as long as you use your usual protection.

Can I Get Pregnant with Period Sex?

This is a tough one. Strictly scientifically, no. If you’re shedding your uterine layer, then you cannot also be ovulating. Ovulation is the only time you have a chance to get pregnant, so technically, if sperm enters the vagina when you’re on your period, it shouldn’t encounter an egg. However, there are a few situations where you could, potentially, get pregnant on your period:

  • If you’ve mistaken bleeding during ovulation for your period
  • If you’re having bleeding or spotting for another reason other than your period
  • Sperm is super persistent, and if you’re right at the end of your period, it’s possible sperm cells could still be active by the time you start ovulating again.

In other words, if you don’t want to get pregnant, use your usual form of birth control. If you’re concerned about STIs, use a condom every time. That doesn’t change just because you’re on your period.

Is it Good to Have Sex During Periods?

While menstrual fluid can be off-putting for some, for others, it’s the complete opposite. The fluid can act as a kind of natural lubricant. As a result, some women may find that while they’re on their period, the vagina and surrounding areas may be more sensitive or warmer, leading to unusual and pleasurable sensations. 

There are even those who have a kink for menstrual fluid and find it very arousing. Be sure to talk to your partner openly to find out where they stand.

Is it Good to Have Sex During Periods?

How to Have Sex on Period? The Basics

Having sex while on your period can be fun and exciting for you and your partner as long as you follow a few essential pointers.

No Pressure

Don’t be pressured into having sex on your period if it makes you uncomfortable. But, conversely, don’t pressure your partner into sex just because of “your body, your rules.” It’s great to be empowered but forcing that empowerment on another for sex is dubious consent at best.

Discuss Boundaries

If you’re both comfortable having sex on your period, discuss both your boundaries openly. Is it a case of laying a towel down and going for it? Do you want to have a shower before and after sex, or does your partner? Or are you both just into it, regardless of any potentially messy consequences? There’s nothing wrong with being spontaneous. Just be open and honest so that there are no surprises later down the line.

Mess or No Mess

As discussed, some folks are way more comfortable with menstrual blood than others. Do you want to revel in the mess or keep it as clean as possible? Have a pack of wipes or a couple of soft towels handy if it’s the latter. Scratchy towels are a no-no when it comes to delicate private parts!

Protect Your Bedding

No matter how adventurous you are, no one wants to throw their bedding away because of one wild night of passion. So put an extra throw or towel down first so that you can easily machine wash to save your mattress or comforter from having to be deep cleaned.

Post-Coital Clean-up

Regardless of how much you or your partner do or don’t enjoy the odd smear of red during the height of passion, you want to clean yourself up after sex on your period. Drying menstrual fluid not only stains your sheets and nightwear, but it can leave your skin feeling dry and tight, and you can wake up feeling very uncomfortable.


Period sex is a highly personal choice, but ultimately, it’s generally safe, can be loads of fun for both partners, and with some care, needn’t be too messy at all.

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