3 Ways to Improve Climaxing

post orgasm

Oh my God! Right there – oh yes. Don’t stop! DON’T YOU DARE STOP! Ahh, the sweet sounds of intimate satisfaction. Intimate pleasure typically follows a build-up of muscle tension and increased blood flow to the genitals, inducing a feeling of sensual excitement. While women might not be as easy to please as men, sensual […]

Black Friday Adult Accessory Deals and Sales

black friday adult

Black Friday is all about the sales and not just the deals on TVs and appliances. You’ll find all kinds of stuff on sale – even sex stuff! Black Friday 2021 is the perfect time to spoil your sexy self and stock up on a few new contrivances that will take your sex toy game […]

The Truth About Breakup Sex

The Truth About Breakup Sex

One of the best parts of the breakup (possibly the only good part about it) is the breakup sex. It usually happens if you break up on good terms or when you meet up to ‘give stuff back’ or some other casual excuse to hang out again. Unfortunately, we know this game all too well. […]

Signs That You and Your Partner Are Sexually Compatible

Signs That You and Your Partner Are Sexually Compatible

Sexual compatibility goes beyond liking the same things in bed or the same music while you do it. To consider yourselves sexually compatible, you need to have other enticing factors in your relationship that help solidify that connection.  Communication is a substantial factor in how well your sex life is or could be. Knowing how […]

How to Find the G-spot: All You Need to Know

The G-spot is quite a controversial topic. Everything from the existence of the G-spot to its relevance has been debated and discussed. Fortunately, there is plenty of information about the G-spot for those curious about the topic. Here is what you need to know about the G-spot, why it’s a relatively new ‘discovery,’ and how […]

Can You Have Period Sex and How?

Can You Have Sex While on Your Period and How?

Can you have sex on your period? The straight-up answer is yes, depending on how you and your partner feel about it! We’ve explored the most frequently asked questions about period sex and how to get down and dirty while keeping both partners happy and informed. Of course, it can get messy, but let’s face […]

What Should You Consider Cheating? Defining the Limits of Your Relationship

How do you define cheating? Is it flirting? A kiss? Defining cheating may be different for different people, but it is extremely important to define the limits of your relationship based on the comfort level of you and your partner.  If you’re struggling with defining the rules, you are not alone. Here are a few […]

What Is Ghosting and How to Avoid It

You’ve probably had this happen before: you go on a few great dates with a person, and you seem to be getting along well, and then, the person stops responding to your calls and your text messages. Sure, it could be that they are busy or dealing with a personal emergency; however, it’s also possible […]

10 Methods to Help You Stop Masturbating

Masturbation is a normal expression of your sexuality. In fact, masturbation is considered a healthy way to explore yourself sexually. However, if you need to stop masturbating for one reason or another, there are ways to curb that desire.  Here are some cases where masturbation may be a problem and ten strategies to stop or […]

10 Tips to Help You With Long Distance Relationship Sex

Long Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships can be challenging in many ways, and for many people, not having physical intimacy is definitely at the top of that list. Fortunately, thanks to technology, there are ways to get some intimate time with your partner even if you’re not physically together. There are many different video apps that will let you […]