3 Ways to Improve Climaxing

3 Ways to Improve Climaxing

Oh my God! Right there – oh yes. Don’t stop! DON’T YOU DARE STOP! Ahh, the sweet sounds of intimate satisfaction. Intimate pleasure typically follows a build-up of muscle tension and increased blood flow to the genitals, inducing a feeling of sensual excitement. While women might not be as easy to please as men, sensual excitement can be as deep and satisfying for both sexes. Here are 3 ways to help you reach optimal pleasure.


Surefire Ways to Boost Sensual Pleasure

Train Your Vaginal Muscles

Exercising the muscles surrounding your vagina — clutching or contracting them — helps direct blood flow to the pelvic floor and increases arousal. Women who can tighten these muscles at will can also increase their partner’s pleasure and help bring him to reach more intense arousal. Men, too, can perform muscle exercises to enhance the intensity of their orgasms and have lasting erections.

Get to Know Your Body

Another way to reach heightened pleasure is by becoming an expert in your own body. When you’re in bed with someone, note what kind of touch triggers you the most and the type of touch you don’t like. Remember, only about 35% of women can actually “get there” through intercourse; the rest have to get creative by getting to know their bodies and find out what works for them.

Experiment With Toys

Adult toys can help women reach peak pleasure, and experimenting with toys, such as Luxe Vibes Scarlet 2, can be a lot of fun! Some women may find that as they age, toys become more and more of a need. As women get older, they tend to lose sensation as their hormone levels drop – toys can help with that! 

Want to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom?

While we only discussed three natural approaches to improving intimate pleasure, various other methods may naturally enhance your drive. However, remember that everybody is different. It may take a little experimentation to nail down exactly what works best for your body.

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