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Signs That You and Your Partner Are Sexually Compatible

Signs That You and Your Partner Are Sexually Compatible

Sexual compatibility goes beyond liking the same things in bed or the same music while you do it. To consider yourselves sexually compatible, you need to have other enticing factors in your relationship that help solidify that connection. 

Communication is a substantial factor in how well your sex life is or could be. Knowing how to communicate to someone what you want and what feels good is a significant step on the path to building that sexual compatibility. Still, more importantly, listening is a crucial factor as well.

When we say listen, we mean understanding your partner by listening to them outside of your steamy little sessions and in the bedroom. You can understand their wants and needs without them having to spell them out by really being there. 

Let’s take a look at more of these factors. Here are a few more signs that you are sexually compatible with your bae.

Sexual Compatibility – Are We Right For Each Other?

Sexual Compatibility - Are We Right For Each Other?

Connecting on a Deeper Level

When you’re sexually attracted to someone, you feel their presence in a room. It is as if a powerful force of nature is pulling you towards one another. Sexually compatible couples are always aware of each other when they are in public. Not in a disturbing way, but in a poetic way. One that connects you to each other when you are in the bedroom.

The Man From Your Fantasy

There is no celebrity, no past BF, no one more desirable to you than him. Some couples resort to watching porn to get their juices flowing while making love. But when your man is your fantasy, you are sexually compatible with each other because what you desire is within reach. You can touch it, smell it, taste it.

You Can’t Keep Your Hands Off One Another

We all know those couples that just can’t stop being into each other. Those are couples with great sex lives. It seems cliche for the lovey-dovey couples to also be into each other in the bedroom, but it makes sense, doesn’t it? If you can’t keep your hands off your boo in public, imagine what goes down behind closed doors.

He Makes You Feel Beautiful on Your Worst Days

We all have “off” days. These days we simply don’t feel like presenting ourselves to the outside world. Yet, somehow, the man you are sexually compatible with will always make you feel beautiful, even on your most unfavorable days. Makeup doesn’t define how attractive we are; you’ll find that it is how other people make us feel that makes us feel beautiful. If a man can do that for you, make you feel sexy when you don’t feel like it, he knows you and knows exactly how to make you feel good.

You Get Each Other 

For some, getting each other means that they can finish each other’s sentences. For others, it could mean you know when your significant other is having a bad day, so you send them some food or coffee so they can be well. Whatever version of “getting each other” you have, you will feel it in the bedroom when it’s time to get it on. 

You Get Nervous Around Him

Those butterflies in your belly never seem to go away. Of course, being in love, in the beginning, is pristine and makes you feel a lot of things. But for a couple to still have nervous feelings when around one another months or even years later, they must be sexually compatible. 

Great Communication

In a relationship, it all boils down to how good the lines of communication are. A couple who talks about anything will be very comfortable trying anything in the bedroom or not trying, for that matter. Likewise, couples who can articulate how they feel about specific positions or experiences they want or do not want when they have sex are sexually compatible.

Tension In and Outside the Bedroom

Just because you are in a relationship with him doesn’t mean you have to stop flirting and teasing. Yes, you won, you’ve got your man, but the race is still on. Don’t give up just because everything is fantastic now; keep trying and keep an element of mystery and surprise alive so that he is intrigued by the enigma that is you. Flirt when you are at the grocery store, at the movies, on dinner dates. We’re just throwing some ideas out there; you know your man, you’ve got this.

You Never Give Up

To maintain some sexual compatibility, never give up on each other. There is always something to learn about one another or something new to try and experience together. 

If you keep one another the focus of your life rather than a side pastime, you will not waste your fire in the bedroom. That said, don’t give up on each other and always fight for what you’ve got so that the nights you spend together commemorate the feelings you have for one another.

Enjoy the Journey, Keep the Destination in Mind

He knows what you’re into, and you know what he craves. Orgasm should be the end goal; just because you know the quickest way to turn each other on doesn’t mean that you should not try something kinky once in a while. Sexual compatibility is not always about being into the same things; it is about being on the same frequency.


Take what you have learned from this entertaining little read and implement it in your daily life with your bae. If you’ve been working on that sexual compatibility, you’ve got the tools to nail it! So take your time with him and, most importantly, have fun.

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