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Boost Your Sex Life Experience with a Best Sex Furniture Guide

Boost Your Sex Life Experience with a Best Sex Furniture Guide

If youre looking to spice up life in the bedroom, adding sex furniture may be a great first step. While not all sex furniture will work for everyone, there is enough variety available to find one, or several pieces that will work to fit yours and your partners needs. Heres what you need to know to get started.

What Is Sex Furniture?

What Is Sex Furniture?

In most cases, furniture is used to serve a specific purpose in your home, and sex furniture is no exception. The goal of sex furniture is to spice up your sex life and make your sexual experience more pleasurable by providing support, helping play out a fantasy, or simply enhancing your experience. While, in the past, many people had DIY sex furniture due to the stigma surrounding sex, today, one can usually find a variety of sex furniture designs online, including a sex chair, a sex bench, or even a sex table. Of course, using existing furniture is still an option- just make sure to clean properly after use.

Shopping for Sex Furniture

Shopping for Sex Furniture

As you get ready to shop for sex furniture, there are a few things to consider, including spacing in your home and your existing pieces. After all, you wouldnt want the new furniture to clash with your existing décor.

  • If Youre Single: Theres nothing wrong with being prepared for future sexual encounters and investing in sex furniture ahead of time. In fact, if you have a piece of furniture that youd prefer, such as sex chairs, having that around may help clue in your future partner to your preferences. If youre not sure, asking advice from close friends can always be a fun option.
  • If Youre With Someone: If you are in a relationship with one or more people, you might consider including your partner or partners while shopping. Choosing sex furniture with the person or persons who will be using it can be a great way to ensure that everyone has a good time and that the new furniture is worth the effort.

Sex Chairs

Sex chairs are a fun furniture piece because they can be made to look like super-stylized regular chairs to the untrained eye. While you can definitely have sex in a chair that isnt specially designed, purchasing a sex chair specifically can make the experience a lot more pleasurable. A sex chair is specifically designed to give yourself and your partner leverage during chair sex and will allow for multiple positions.

If youre ready to try sex on a chair that has been specifically designed, consider the Adela chair. If youre looking for a smaller sex seat, consider the Queening chair– a super small, foldable piece that is designed to make rimming or cunnilingus more fun for both partners.

Sex Sofas

If you are looking for something bigger, a sex sofa or sex couch may be just your style. There are a variety of sex sofas available, including The Tantra Chair, which allows for a variety of fun and interesting sex positions.

If youre into BDSM, check out the Liberator collection, including the Black Label Esse Chaise II, which offers comfort and softness while also allowing for restraints.

Sex Pillows

If a sex seat or couch is a little too much for your home or your budget, you can still get quite a bit out of a sex pillow. These are designed specifically to help prop yourself or your partner in different positions and can make penetration deeper and more pleasurable. The Liberator offers several sex pillow options, and some can even double as regular pillows.

BDSM Furniture

There are entire lines of sex furniture that are specifically dedicated to BDSM. This includes stockades, crosses, hanging furniture, sex swings, and even spanking benches. If you are into BDSM or kink, you may want to shop for sex furniture that best aligns with your preferences and enjoy the experience with BDSM knots.

Spicing Up Your Bed

Upgrading to a canopy bed seems like a nice way to add a classic flair to your bedroom. However, all of those posts and railings can also be a great place to add restraints during sex. If you dont already have a four-poster bed, which, lets face it, most of us dont, you may be able to work with what you have or even discretely add soft bindings, tied to the base, for leverage.

Care and Maintenance

Sex furniture doesnt come cheap, so youll definitely want to put a little bit of effort into cleaning and maintenance. Depending on the type of sex furniture you acquire, you may need to use specialized cleaning tools. The best thing to do is to save cleaning instructions that come in the box. If you dont have the instructions, check out the manufacturers website for cleaning tips.

When to Clean: Youll definitely want to do some sort of cleaning after each sexual encounter. Sex, especially good sex, involves a whole lot of fluids, which means that your furniture is going to get messy.

Using Protection: If youre trying something that might get messy, such as anal, which involves a lot of lubricants or wax play in which hot wax does cool and harden, consider throwing a towel or sheet over your sex furniture- especially if its a larger piece.

Using Your Own Furniture

If youre tight on money, space, or both, you can definitely use your existing furniture for sex. In fact, just moving your sexual encounters from the bedroom to the living room or dining room can be a thrill for yourself and your partner. Just remember to clean up afterward.

Tips and Takeaways

  • Theres no one-size-fits-all. Not all sex furniture is going to work for you, and thats normal. Take your time finding something that youll actually like.
  • Figure out what works. Your living situation, including the amount of space you have for new furniture, should be taken into consideration
  • Clean your furniture. The exact method of cleaning is going to depend on the furniture material, but you definitely want to clean after each use.
  • Look for images if you shop online. Sex furniture doesnt have the best descriptions online, so just going off the title of “fuck bench” and “fuck chair” can be risky.
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