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Making the Best Out of Your Vacation With Hotel Sex

Making the Best Out of Your Vacation With Hotel Sex

Whether you’re on vacation, on a work trip, or even just grabbing a hotel for the night with your partner, there is plenty to appreciate about hotel sex. While hotel room sex is great on its own, there are definitely ways to improve your experience. Here’s what you’re going to want to do:

Take a Moment to Appreciate Hotel Room Sex

Take a Moment to Appreciate Hotel Room Sex

While hotel sex gets a bad rep from the old school thinking of keeping bedroom life private, there are tons of advantages to hotel room sex:

Privacy From Family, Kids, and Roommates

Unless youre living with just your significant other, you probably arent getting all of the privacy you want. Whether youre living with, or near, parents, roommates, or kids, the chance of someone accidentally busting in probably limits your sex life to the bedroom. In some cases, you may even be limited on timing, especially if you have young children running around the house.  

A Fresh New Setting

Having a fresh setting for sex can really spice things up and help you rekindle your natural chemistry, especially if you and your partner havent had time for sex. Hotels, like new settings, also bring out our sense of adventure and are a great excuse for role play.

No Set-up or Clean-up Required

Another benefit of hotel sex is that you dont have to set up or clean afterward. While you should still be courteous to the hotel staff by taking care of your post-coital mess and wrapping used condoms and dental dams in tissue before discarding them in the trash, you arent responsible for making the bed, cooking the food, or doing the dishes.

An Excuse to Relax Together

Whether youre booking a few hours, a night, or a few days, staying in a hotel room with your significant other gives you an excuse to focus on each other and yourself. This is also the perfect excuse to take time off work and other stressful subjects.  

Plan in Advance

While spontaneity can lead to great things, there are many benefits to doing a little bit pre-planning before hotel sex.

Block Out Your Schedule

Whether youre busy with work, higher education, or kids, youll want to block out some time for your sexy hotel adventure.  This can mean letting work know that youll be away for the weekend or finishing assignments ahead of time. This also means hiring a reliable babysitter if you have little ones at home so that you arent worried.

Choose Your Place

If youre going to be in a hotel as part of a vacation or business trip, you may have to choose your location based on circumstances. However, even if you have a destination in mind, youll want to try for a place that isnt super crowded. So, if youre going to a convention, find a place that is a little bit out of the way.

If youre grabbing a hotel as part of a date night or a weekend getaway, opt for a place that you both like. This can be a hotel youve stayed at before or one that is close to your favorite restaurant. Feeling adventurous? Try a hotel thats a popular honeymoon spot to mingle with other couples.  

Book Your Room

If you arent staying the whole night, its smarter to rent the room by the hour. However, if you are planning to make a weekend of it, consider spoiling yourself and your significant other with a fancy hotel or a room upgrade. If finances are tight, check out local deals and rewards programs.

Make Sure the Place is Clean

In theory, all hotel rooms should be clean and free of bed bugs, but, sadly, this isnt always the case. Plan to give the room a once over just to make sure you wont be going home with unwanted guests.

Enjoy the Amenities

Hotels offer plenty of deals for couples, especially on Valentines Day. This can include perks like room service with champagne or a couples massage. When booking your hotel, ask what they are able to offer and when.

Besides the couples specials, you can also enjoy the pool and/ or hot tub, to help yourself get in the mood, though we dont recommend getting frisky in front of the general public, especially if kids are around. You can also have dinner at the local restaurant.

Role Play

Hotels are perfect for role-playing. Whether you want to pretend to be strangers meeting for the first time or have a kinky role play fantasy, getting out of your bedroom and into a less familiar setting can make your role play seem a little bit more realistic and will considerably spice up your sex life.

If you are role-playing, consider tailoring your arrival and meetup to your scenario- even if that means arriving separately or meeting at the bar.

Explore Kink

The hotel room is a great place to explore yours and your partners kinky side. After all, whatever happens at the hotel stays at the hotel. Depending on your comfort level, consider trying:


This can be a sleeping mask, necktie, or anything else that can cover your partners eyes. Shutting off one sense heightens the others and makes the experience more intense.


There definitely has to be a lot of trust between you and your partner before ball gags get involved, but it is a great way to make sure your neighbors dont hear you.

Mild Restraints

 Use a necktie or fuzzy handcuffs or BDSM knots to restrain your partner as part of role-playing or to take control of the action.

Playing With Your Food

Feeding your partner can be an incredibly intimate act. Strawberries and grapes are great for this. And, if youre feeling frisky, you can eat the whipped cream directly off your partners body.

Try New Positions From a Sex Positions Book

Even if youre not into kink, you can still try new positions for sex. This is where a sex position book can give you great ideas. You dont necessarily need a book, especially if you have something in mind, but its helpful to have for reference.

Stay In and Enjoy

If you have a few days with your partner, make it a challenge not to leave the hotel for a bit, enjoy sex in the shower, take a break to watch TV, and remember to secure snacks or room service.


  • Hotel sex is a fun way to spice up your sex life.
  • Planning ahead helps ensure that you arent worried about family or work.
  • As with most sexual activity, give yourself food breaks and stay hydrated.
  • Dont be afraid to explore your kinky or role-playing side when it comes to hotel sex. 
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