How You Can Last Longer in the Bedroom

How You Can Last Longer in the Bedroom

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In a perfect world, wed have plenty of time to enjoy sex and be able to last as long as we wanted. Unfortunately, we dont live in a perfect world. So, if you are finally carving out time to get down and dirty with your significant other, you definitely dont want to cut the experience short by finishing early. Here are a few tips for how to last longer in the bedroom for men and women.

What Is Normal?

What Is Normal

If youre newer to sex, you may be wondering, “how long does the average man last in bed for the first time”? It turns out that normal doesnt necessarily exist. While studying sex is difficult because most people arent necessarily forthcoming with their private lives, a study found that sex can last anywhere from 33 seconds to about 40 minutes. Of course, some people claim to last even longer than that. 

But while the normal varies, there are ways to last longer in bed and to help ensure that both you and your partner are satisfied.

Why It Happens

There are plenty of reasons why you or your partner are having trouble with stamina. Before we tackle tips on how to last longer in the bedroom, it may be worth exploring some of the reasons that people have trouble. Remember that both men and women may have trouble lasting in bed for various reasons.

How to Last Longer For Men

When it comes to sex, men are under a lot of pressure to perform. If something isnt going right in the bedroom, there are plenty of reasons, and, in most cases, none of these are specifically your fault.

Physical Reasons

While there are several reasons that men have trouble lasting in bed, the problem often boils down to either trouble getting things going, or trouble holding yourself back from finishing early. If the issue is new, you may want to consult with your doctor as this can actually be a sign of something bigger or be related to an underlying health condition.

If your “equipment” seems to be performing well, but youre stopping early due to a lack of energy, consider looking at your daily routine. Are you eating well? Are you sleeping enough? The answer to “how to last longer during sex” may be easier than you think.

Mental Reasons

Contrary to what society wants us to believe, a mans mental state can definitely affect performance. If youre suspecting mental blocks, talking it out with your partner, a trusted friend, or even a therapist can be helpful.

Does Viagra Make You Last Longer?

Viagra and other similar drugs help you get and maintain an erection. If you’re coming too soon, getting too tired during intercourse, or have a mental block that keeps you from performing, Viagra isn’t going to help.

Before you start relying on the little blue pill, you should also keep in mind that Viagra is a medication; one that carries serious risks and should only be taken under a doctor’s supervision. Before you begin taking Viagra, it’s definitely worth exploring other alternatives that will help you please your woman in bed and spice up your sex life.

How to Last Longer for Women

While theres a lot of focus on men lasting longer in bed, there are also plenty of women who may feel like theyre getting tired out before the big finish- or just not getting there.

If youre having trouble lasting during sex, its time to ask yourself whether youre actually enjoying the process. Figure out if something is wrong physically or if something is maybe turning you off. This can be something physical such as lack of lubrication or mental. Once you identify the root cause, you can deal with it accordingly. If this is a physical issue, make sure that you check in with your gynecologist.

Tips and Tricks to Last Longer In The Bedroom

Even if youre working through a problem, there are still tricks to last longer in the bedroom. These are mostly directed at men, but they can be helpful for both men and women.

Enjoy Foreplay

When people ask how to last longer during sex, they are often forgetting foreplay. If youre looking for ways to last longer in the bedroom, prolonging foreplay may be a simple, natural answer.


If youre coming before your partner, try practicing to gain some control over your orgasms. Its definitely possible to gain control with a little bit of practice. In fact, the practice of edging is based on coming close and then stopping yourself in order to ultimately increase pleasure. You can choose to do this by yourself or with your partner. 

Let Your Partner Come First

Literally. The answer to how to last longer in the bedroom might just mean that you need to come one at a time, or that your partner needs an extra orgasm. This trick not only helps increase your bedroom time but will also help ensure that you and your partner are both satisfied.

Invest in Toys

Sex toys are a great way to take the pressure off and give you a little something extra to play within the bedroom. These can be toys to stimulate your partner or even something to help explore your kink. Adding extra lubricants can also help if youre a woman, and lack of lubrication is an issue.  

Masturbate Before

If youre a man and coming too early, masturbating a few hours before your session can help you last longer in the bedroom.

Go Again

While men do need a bit of a time-out after they come, a little bit of a break, or just switching back to fore-play, can gain an encore performance, and if coming too fast is the problem, a lot of men are less sensitive the second time around and are likely to last longer. Try sharing a snack, a drink, or even giving each other a massage between sessions.

Talk to Your Partner

If you have a long-term partner, communicate! Just letting your partner know can go a long way towards helping take the pressure off.


  • How to last longer in sex is a common question, and problems can arise for both men and women.
  • The answer to how to last longer in bed naturally may be as simple as foreplay.
  • One of the easiest ways to last longer in the bedroom is to do more than just intercourse. Try oral or explore a kink.
  • If something is wrong physically, check in with your doctor.
  • Never take Viagra without a prescription because the little blue pill carries some very serious health risks, including risks to your eyesight.


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