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Your Guide on How to Kiss With Your Tongue

Your Guide on How to Kiss With Your Tongue

Being a good kisser is highly underrated. While we place a lot of emphasis on being good in bed, the skill of kissing someone with love and passion isn’t discussed as often, which is quite a shame! In case you’re nervous about your first kiss, or in case you want to improve on your already proficient skills, here is what to need to know about kissing.

Types of Kisses

There are many different types of kisses, and their use can vary widely depending on where you are in the world and even the people in your company. For instance, it’s quite common in certain cultures to kiss friends of the same gender on both cheeks. However, it is also not inappropriate to kiss your partner on the cheek. A quick peck on the forehead can be a sign of endearment between friends, family, and significant others.

A quick peck on the lips can be the preamble to kissing with tongue or merely a tease to your partner. Of course, you can also kiss them elsewhere on their body, which can employ the tongue, but it is generally a series of small pecks and even nips. Then, of course, there is a deeper kiss that can last longer than the standard peck on the lips.

The French Kiss

The French kiss is a deep kiss between lovers when tongues are typically involved. There is no certainty about why the kiss is referred to as “French.” Some say that the term was a reference to the promiscuity of the French culture. However, another derivative of the name stems from the French word for tongue, “lengue,” which also means language. French is certainly considered one of the world’s most prominent love languages.

The kiss involves a mingling of tongues, and if done correctly, it can be both fun and passionate.

Is French Kissing Required

Absolutely not! While French kissing is a lot of fun, it is by no means a requirement for yourself and your partner.  If you and your partner are not into tangling tongues, that’s totally ok. There are plenty of other things that you can do with your partner.

kiss with your tongue

French Kissing In Public

Traditionally, French kissing is considered to be a private affair. However, public shows of affection are not always foreign. The ideal thing to do is to use your best judgment. If you feel like a French kiss is inappropriate in a given situation, then opt for a peck instead.

However, if you are comfortable with French kissing in a given situation, and your partner is comfortable, there is no reason not to engage in a French kiss.

How to French Kiss

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering the French kiss and its dynamics. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Don’t Be Afraid to Initiate

If you’d like to try a French kiss with a potential partner, go ahead and start with a peck, and then move on to a deeper kiss. From there, a French kiss. If you’re not sure whether your partner is into French kissing, you can always ask. However, you can also offer to have them tell you to stop any time you’re uncomfortable.

Don’t Be Too Forceful

Not everyone likes a forceful, lip-bruising kiss. For some people, a gentle kiss with a slow use of the tongue can be ideal. When initiating a kiss, always keep your preferences, as well as your partner’s preferences in mind.

Go Slow

With a new partner, you want to take things slow to ensure that your partner is comfortable. However, you can probably go a bit faster with a partner that you know well if you prefer.

Use Your Tongue Wisely

While the use of the tongue marks French kissing, there is definitely such a thing as too much tongue. In fact, too much tongue can be a serious problem. In fact, one of the most common complaints when it comes to bad kissing is the overuse of the tongue.

Add Some Variety

The French kiss is a jousting match between tongues, and if you or your partner are continually dominating, things are simply not as fun. Make things interesting by varying the tongue’s force and pressure or even adding a gentle nip on your partner’s lower lip.


If you and your partner are both enjoying the idea of a French kiss, why not take the time to practice. Work together with your partner to find the perfect balance of tongue for your kisses, and once you do, you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect French kiss.

What to Expect From Your First Kiss

If you’ve never been kissed, you probably want to know what to expect. The truth is that the situation can turn out differently depending on who you are and who your partner is. If your kissing partner is more experienced, they will probably take the lead. If this is the first kiss for both of you, you might want to take things slow and not be too hard on yourselves the first time. After all, practice makes perfect.

Going Beyond the Kiss

The French kiss is passionate and intense by nature. So, if you and your partner are comfortable, there is no reason that your French kiss cannot be a preamble to something more, including sex. In fact, French kissing is a great form of foreplay.

However, keep in mind that a French kiss can always be just that- a kiss. There is no reason to have it lead to something more if you and your partner are in the wrong place or if you or your partner are uncomfortable.


  • French kissing is basically kissing with tongue.
  • French kissing can be a form of foreplay or a fun thing to do with your partner.
  • While sloppy kisses from a puppy can be cute, sloppy kisses from humans aren’t really desirable. 
  • Choosing not to French kiss is totally ok.
  • Kiss your partner whenever and however you both deem appropriate. 
  • Practice makes perfect.



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