Best Blow Up Dolls of 2020

Best Blow Up Dolls of 2020

Blow up dolls are nothing new, but they certainly are evolving every year. The market is saturated with a wide range of blowup dolls, but which ones are actually worth your money? Read on to find out which blowup dolls are the best investment for 2020.

Sex Toys for Men

sex toys for men

Male sex toys come in all shapes and forms, and blow up sex dolls are no different. Many people use them for self-pleasure, but they can also be useful in maintaining or spicing up your current sex life with your partner or help you overcome issues you may have with intimacy in real life.

Sometimes, practice with sex toys can help drastically improve your physical connections with people in your everyday life. There is nothing wrong with turning to sex toys to spice things up or practice. In fact, most sex therapists recommend sex toys to help maintain a healthy libido and sexual activity with your partner.

Inflatable Sex Dolls: How Do They Work?

Blowup sex dolls can intensify masturbation for men by recreating a very real sexual experience. Complete with realistic facial features and three realistic holes for penetration, erotic dolls can serve as a sex toy or even as an addition to your intimate life with a partner.

Inflatable Sex Doll 101

The first thing to keep in mind before purchasing is the different types of materials they can be made of and what purpose each serves. They can either be vinyl or latex. Vinyl dolls are much more durable, but they do have seams and creases. Latex is much softer, but it is also less durable. It can tear easier.

The material choice will depend on your sensitivity to each, the durability you are looking for, and the level of softness you wish to have. Softer equals more realistic, but you have to remember it may not last too long.

How to Shop for Inflatable Dolls

You may want to shop at a traditional brick and mortar store to get some expert advice or see the materials in person for yourself. If you prefer anonymity, you may prefer to shop online. Either way, we have the details on which products are the most worth the spend.

The Best Blow Up Dolls of 2020

Like most sexual toys, inflatable sex dolls don’t come cheap. There are variations of male sex toys, including blow up dolls, at several different price points.  If you’re looking to find one that is worth the spend, look no further than this list. Here are the top inflatable men’s sex toys for this year.

1. Silicon Wives Luxury Sex Dolls

Considered luxury inflatable dolls, this line of products offers a variety of ultra-realistic looking dolls. They have the largest selection available of any brand and also allow for customizations. Your unique purchase will also come with a price match guarantee.

2. Sexy Real Sex Dolls (SRSD)

This online retailer offers a wide variety of dolls, also fully customizable. The price points are slightly higher but still competitive. You can also expect complete anonymity in your purchase and quick shipping. Plus, the website itself is very easy to use. You can customize your inflatable sex doll entirely on your own. This brand is one of the best on the market.

3. Joy Love Dolls

Also offering male gender inflatable dolls, this brand offers a complete line of quality products. They provide a great selection of images so that you can make a wise purchase. They also have a better return policy than most online inflatable doll retailers and excellent customer service. While they don’t typically offer customizations, they do offer quality inflatable sex dolls with a variety of looks.

4. Sex Doll Genie

Reviewed by some of the online community’s top inflatable doll reviewers, this brand has excellent customer service, quality dolls, and an array of sexual attachments. They also offer dildos, vibrators, and masturbators. They are among the most affordable brands on the market using quality fabrication.

5. Madam Dolly

If you’re looking for high-quality sex dolls at a very reasonable price, this is the brand you want to purchase from. They have a ton of choices, fast and discreet shipping, excellent customer feedback, and guaranteed returns if products are received in a condition that is not as described.  

6. Silicone Sex World

When it comes to life-like, this brand is the way to go. Yes, the products are a little more expensive, but they are also very realistic and high quality. TPE and silicone sex dolls are very life-like, with body parts that feel like the real deal. You won’t be disappointed in one of these silicone inflatable sex dolls. They also offer male dolls and a variety of attachments and accessories.

7. WM Dolls

This brand offers a vast collection of inflatable dolls. In addition, they also sell loads of other female and male sex toys and accessories. They have a FAQ page on their website to answer your most intimate questions about their products and offer a 7-day return policy.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to purchasing sex dolls, many men may feel uncomfortable. The truth is, it is a very healthy way to express oneself and develop sexually. As we age, turning to sex toys can add even more pleasure to your current sexual relationship.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you want to buy from a reputable dealer. These retailers are sure to offer you quality products at affordable prices. Plus, you can count on them for anonymity.

Adding sex toys to your life can better your relationship on both an emotional and physical level. If you have any questions about using sex toys, walk into a sex shop, and ask an expert or meet with a sex therapist. Sexual expression is a normal part of every human being’s life. Better the quality of your sex life and increasing the pleasure is something we all strive to do!

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