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Best Sex Toys for Couples to Use Together in 2020

Best Sex Toys for Couples to Use Together in 2020

Some couples want to spice up a dull sex life, while other couples are just adventurous and want to keep things from ever getting dull in the first place. Whatever the reasons, the truth is that a lot of couples are bringing kinky sex toys into the bedroom. Who can blame them with so many fun sex toys for couples available nowadays? 

Studies show that sex with toys is actually becoming far more common than ever. It seems that as women get older, they become more comfortable using sex toys. This includes women who are part of a couple. To be honest, though, gender is irrelevant when it comes to couples’ sex toys. The best couples sex toys are for everyone.

The Liberator Ramp

Cost: $185
Where to purchase: Babeland.com

Your favorite sexual position never felt so good with this specialty ramp. Designed for maximum pleasure for both partners, The Liberator Ramp makes it possible to hit those hard to reach places, where the o-zone connects perfectly. That’s what makes this one of the best sex toys for couples.

  • Achieve even deeper penetration than before
  • 12 inches of lift height
  • Makes G-spot exploration simple and achievable
  • Well suited for couples of different sizes
  • Can help alleviate discomfort during sex
  • Completely machine washable
  • Microfiber and furniture grade foam

Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs

Cost: $24.99

Where to purchase: Lovehoney.com

Get ready for an adventure with Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs. These are meant to add a bit of fun and play to your sex life. Any boring old routine will be quickly out the door once these cuffs take over. Being tied up isn’t just for the uber-adventurous anymore. 

  • Hookable handcuffs can be placed over any door, including bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.
  • Offers a great introduction to light bondage
  • Portable, so you can take these with you on vacation or just for a night out
  • Comes with a one-year guarantee

Fin Finger Vibe

Cost: $85
Where to purchase: Babeland.com

This is one of those couple sex toys that will never get boring. After all, you can never go wrong with couples vibrators. This one, in particular, makes foreplay as effortless, yet satisfying, as ever. Don’t believe us? This product was crowdfunded by 5,000 people who believed in the product enough to put their money where their orgasm was. 

  • Made with silicone for sensitive skin
  • Has multiple speeds, including a “choose your own adventure” mode
  • Can be worn between the fingers to mirror physical touch
  • Charging takes about 2.5 hours and lasts about 5 hours on low, or 75 minutes on high
  • Comes in two colors –  jade and navy blue
  • Includes a three-year manufacturer’s warranty

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo

Cost: $149
Where to purchase: SmittenKitten.com

No, the ladies don’t get all the fun. The Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo is specifically designed for male genitalia. It can provide endless hours of pleasure, either all at once or over the course of a lifetime with your partner. It’s meant to work as a “guybrator,” hitting all the right spots for him. 

  • Acts as a stroking sleeve and vibrator
  • Penis-encircling shape means it can accommodate any penis, whether hard or soft, big or small 
  • Second motor for layered vibration throughout the toy
  • Can be remote-controlled for an added layer of fun
  • Can provide satisfaction as part of a couple or when used solo

Lovehoney Black Heart Riding Crop

Cost: $16.99
Where to purchase: Lovehoney.com

The Lovehoney Black Heart Riding Crop is quickly becoming one of the couples’ toys that everyone has to have. Adventurous sex couples are wanting more than your average sex toy. They want something that will bring their time in the bedroom (or the kitchen, car, hotel, etc.) to the next level. 

  • Reaches 19.5 inches so you can spank your partner from a distance
  • Reliable grip makes it possible for you to concentrate on your partner with easy handling
  • Tip measures 3 inches, delivering sensation that varies from a soft stroke to an unmistakable spank
  • Made with faux leather for a sleek look, yet variable gentleness
  • This toy is optimal for couples who want to dabble in light BDSM, with minimal pain

Novice Butt Plug

Cost: $130
Where to purchase: b-Vibe.com

How adventurous are you really feeling? Bold enough to explore this beautifully made anal toy? Not everyone knows this, but anal play needs to be done in steps, to allow the anus time to expand and adjust to a toy. This can make it a lot of fun for couples to explore together or by themselves.

  • Insertable size is 3.35” / 8.5 cm x 1” / 2.5 cm.
  • 100% safe for internal insertion 
  • Remote control provides added playtime that won’t be interrupted by awkwardly trying to configure the toy itself.
  • 6 levels of vibration intensity and 15 different levels of vibrational patterns, so you’ll never get bored
  • If you’ve been considering anal play, this toy is an excellent choice to begin your exploration with. 
  • Rechargeable battery makes it possible to play for two hours without being interrupted
  • This fun little toy travels well so that you can bring it with you on those long, romantic weekends away.


Sex Toys

Don’t let yourself be intimidated if you’re just now dipping your toe into the proverbial pool of crazy sex toys. Whether you’re looking for a couples’ vibrator, new sex toys, or masturbation toys, there’s something for everyone out there. 

In fact, you can find sex toy reviews, discover how to use sex toys to spice up your sex life, and even learn how to make a sex toy if you’re willing to do a bit of research. Sex is evolving, and we’re living in a great time to reap the rewards of that evolution. Make sure you only do what you’re comfortable doing, just don’t let your inhibitions hold you back.

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