The 10 Best Male Sex Toys Online

The 10 Best Male Sex Toys Online

Sex toys: they’re not just for women. Male sex toys have become more and more popular over the past few decades, and it’s great that we’re talking about them more. Men who understand what turns them on tend to be more communicative in the bedroom and have a better love life- with or without a partner. Male sex toys range from simple cock rings to the most sci-fi and futuristic simulated sex you can imagine. We’ve compiled a titillating list of ten of the best male sex toys to spice up your love life- whether you’re with someone or flying solo. Always make sure you use plenty of lube, whichever toy you choose, and if you’re playing with a partner, always check you are both comfortable before experimenting.

Best Beginner’s Male Sex Toy: Reversible Double Stroker

If diving into the world of male sex toys is a little daunting, you need something simple to start off with. This penis stroker is reversible, making it easy to clean. But that’s not the main reason it’s reversible. It has different textures on each side for different stimulating sensations, allowing you to tease and pleasure yourself in a multitude of different ways. This is an inexpensive way to discover masturbation beyond your won hands, and of course, you can enjoy this kind of toy with a partner, too. The lifelike ridges on one side allow for more realistic fantasy play, while the stimulating spies on the reverse side allow for different sensations. The simple design is less intimidating for those who aren’t sure about introducing fake genitalia into the bedroom.

Best Blowjob Machine: Tenga Vacuum Cup

Getting a blowjob is many a man’s favorite thing. But surely there isn’t a sex toy that can emulate the warm, wet feeling of a lover’s mouth on you? Actually, there is. Tenga has developed this toy with a unique, deep sucking sensation and a soft, tendril filled inner which successfully emulates the feeling of a partner’s mouth. One of Japan’s most loved sex toys, the Tenga has a unique design which makes it gender neutral, accessible for beginners and super easy to use. It even makes a realistic mouth-type sound as you let it pleasure you! This product is inexpensive but it is only designed to be used one. Use can be extended with the use of condoms- make sure you read the instructions fully before letting loose on this intensely pleasurable toy.

Best Cock Ring: YosPoss Silicone Dual Penis Ring

The cock ring is one of the most commonly homemade sex toys for men. A homemade cock ring can be fashioned from hair bands like scrunchies, rubber DIY rings from plumbers’ suppliers, condom ends and even string and shoe laces. Some people get carried away and use dangerous items like tight elastic bands that can chafe, tug and even become trapped on the penis. Really, it’s best to buy a cock ring or penis ring from a reputable supplier to avoid chafing or even injury. The YosPoss Silicone Dual Penis Ring slips over the penis and has an additional, larger ring that goes behind the scrotum. The thicker ring size means it won’t pinch or tug, and the silicone makes it smooth and comfortable to put on. The cock ring works by restricting blood flow to and from the penis, making erections potentially harder, longer, and longer lasting. Great news for both you and any lucky partner! The gearwheel design on this cock ring is designed to provide clitoral stimulation during vaginal sex, making it a win-win for couples, too. Who doesn’t want a toy that can bring you both to an earth-shattering climax?

Best Vibrating Cock Ring: IMO Full Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring

Vibrations increase sexual pleasure for both men and women. A vibrating cock ring has all the advantages of a standard cock ring, with the added stimulation of vibration around the base of the cock, or through an additional piece designed to stimulate a partner. The IMO device slips over the penis and has a finger like protrusion designed to stimulate the clitoris during penetrative sex- or however else you want to use it! The seven speeds mean you can experiment with which level of vibration gives you the most stimulation, making this an ideal solo play toy, too. The IMO is very quiet, making it the ideal toy to slip in your suitcase for a dirty weekend away or even for some release during a business trip. Like many of these sex toys, the silicone build makes it super-safe and easy to clean, plus comfortable and easy to use. Plus, this vibrating toy is rechargeable, meaning it’s always ready to play.

Best Pocket Pussy:

Tracy’s Dog Male Masturbation Cup Widely regarded as one of the best sex toys for men, the “pocket pussy” is just that; a portable device that’s designed to emulate a vagina as closely as possible. The focus on these male sex toys is realism and they tend to be measured on the following criteria:

  • Look
  • Feel (realistic skin texture etc.)
  • Tightness
  • Interactivity
  • Ease of cleaning

Tracy’s Dog is a weirdly named brand famous for a variety of adult toys. This stimulating pocket vagina has incredibly realistic labia around the entrance, and a ribbed tunnel for realism and extra stimulation. With an insertable length of eight and a half inches, it’s great for even the more well endowed man. The TPE material is safe, non-toxic and feels surprisingly like real skin for an even more immersive experience. This pocket pussy ticks all the boxes, providing mind-blowing orgasms whilst being a discrete and easy to clean device. The stroker detaches from the outer case to make it very easy to clean and store away for your next adventure together. Tracy’s Dog ships their toys in discreet boxes, like may adult toy companies, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed when the mailman arrives.

Best Anal Simulator: Fleshjack Boys Brent Everett’s Ecstasy Butt

Men’s sex toys aren’t all aimed at the hetero community- far from it! There are plenty of options out there for the gay, bi, or pansexual man- or for those with simple, healthy curiosity. Fleshjack does a range of toys based on real life porn stars, from anal simulators to dildos. This toy boasts a perfect mold of what’s considered one of the most perfect butts in the business, plus a tight and textured canal to maximize pleasure. Other benefits of the Fleshjack include being waterproof, ideal for aquatic play. It’s also easy to clean. These toys usually come with a sample of lube, but do remember to stock plenty for this type of play.

Best Futuristic Sex Toy: Fleshlight Launch

The Fleshlight Launch is one of the more extravagant and expensive sex accessories on the market. The Launch is, at first glance, a holder for your Fleshlight to allow a more hands-free experience. However, it’s much more than that. Fleshlight Launch allows you to control the position and speed of strokes, for a more varied and exciting experience. But even that’s not the best thing. The Launch allows you to connect your masturbatory experience to VR to allow you to combine your session with your favorite adult stars or even webcams. You could even combine the Fleshlight launch with a steamy session with your partner; whatever works for you. Note: The Launch is only the exterior technology, the Fleshlight itself must be purchased separately.

Best Prostate Massager: Aneros Helix Syn Trident

Aneros have been exploring prostate stimulation since 2002- along with many men of all sexual persuasions. The “Super-O” is an orgasm that can be achieved purely through stimulation of the male G-Spot, The Syn Trident has arms that are designed to allow solo play completely hands free- something which can be tricky with less intelligently designed anal toys. The user can clench and unclench their muscles, which automatically moves the toy and allows it to rub against the prostate. Some men even find that they can achieve multiple orgasms through this kind of stimulation. This Helix toy is coated in silicone for a gentle feel during insertion, plus it’s hypoallergenic and body-safe. It’s great for beginners, but also loved by experienced users who know that Aneros know what they’re talking about when it comes to prostate massage.

Best Prostate Vibrator: Aneros Vice 2

Prostate massage is an ever-growing field of exploration, and massagers now come in a variety of forms, including the prostate vibrator. Aneros has embraced these developments and created the Vice, a dual motor vibrating device with 18 different vibration patterns and 4 speeds. This sex toy is completely hands free, with a wireless remote control allowing complete customization of the vibration pattern. Or, hand the remote to a partner and enjoy being at someone else’s mercy. The velvet touch silicone makes it a comfortable fit, and the discreet, small design means it can be used wherever and whenever- Aneros even suggest going out with the device in for some extra thrills!

Best Male Sex Toy for Couples: B-Vibe Rimming Butt Plug

Rimming is one of the most intimate and stimulating sensations, and very few sex toys focus on this. The B-Vibe aims to fix that. Ideal for couples of all genders who like to play, and especially good for those who love to hand control over to the other person. B-Vibe looks like a fairly standard butt plug. The difference is, this butt plug is electric, with a rechargeable battery and a remote control. This remote controls two actions: vibration and rotation. The combination of the butt plug vibrating inside you and the circular, rotating motions around the entrance creates a feeling that’s extraordinarily similar to a good rimming session. The plug is made of body-safe silicon, and although it’s larger than some butt plugs aimed at beginners, it’s a popular choice due to the range of stimulation it offers. Allowing a partner to control the level of stimulation adds even more thrills to your sex games. Hopefully, we’ve introduced you to something new, or maybe you saw an old favorite on this list. However you play, always play safe, remember to recharge your batteries- and don’t forget the lube!

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