How Do You Squirt During Sex?

How Do You Squirt During Sex?

Squirting, sometimes referred to as female ejaculation, is a little bit of a mystery- mostly because there isnt a whole lot of research on the topic. Heres everything we do know and what youll want to learn about the question “How Do You Squirt”.

What Is Squirting?

What Is Squirting

Squirting is essentially the release of large amounts of fluid from the vaginal area during an intense orgasm. There is a lot, and we mean a LOT, of debate about what is squirt made of and how its produced. An unpopular study from several years ago reported that the girl squirt or the liquid that comes out during an intense orgasm is simply pee. However, those who have experienced squirting before will quickly point out that the liquid looks and smells nothing like urine. In fact, many women condemned the study as severely limited- after all, they only looked at seven subjects.

Female Squirting vs. Female Ejaculation

The female squirt has often been compared to the male ejaculation; however, this is not always the case. Studies have attempted to understand squirting and female ejaculation in more detail, and some have even differentiated between the two phenomena.  According to one study, female ejaculation is classified as thick, whitish vaginal secretion while squirting is less viscous and made of a mix of compounds.

Why the Hype Over Girls Squirting?

The short answer is probably porn. There are hundreds of videos on the internet that depict women squirting during an intense squirting orgasm with liquid spurting out of their vagina. This is always a sign that the woman is having fun and makes for an interesting sight. This is also a tangible, physical sign of orgasm, which has been historically easy to see in men, but not so much in women.

Can All Women Squirt?

The jury is still out on that one, actually. Some experts say yes; one study reports that 80% of women report experiencing some sort of female ejaculation. Others, however, caution that this isnt something that all women can necessarily accomplish. If it doesnt work for you as a woman, dont be too hard on yourself- this doesnt mean that you cant achieve great orgasms.

How Do You Squirt

If you want to go ahead and try squirting, the easiest way to start is by yourself. As you go through these tips on how to make yourself squirt, keep in mind that not everything will work, and some things will work better than others:

Get Familiar With the Anatomy

Before you start trying to squirt, you want to know what to stimulate. Start by learning about the G-spot, which is not actually an anatomical term, but is thought to coincide with the corpus spongiosum, which is located around 1-3 inches in the vagina and on the upper wall. It feels a little rough and squishy, and youll probably feel some sort of sensation if you make contact.

Above the G-spot is the Skenes gland, which is thought to be responsible for squirting. While you cannot stimulate the Skenes gland directly, you can stimulate it indirectly when you stimulate the G-spot.

While the G-spot gets a lot of attention, the clitoris has a lot to offer as well. First off, its bigger, and we can see. The clitoris is quite large, spanning from the clitoral head to around the vaginal opening. While you want to focus on the protruding part of the clitoris, don’t ignore the areas around your vagina as well.

Lay Down Some Towels

Squirting gets messy so, if youre trying to figure out how to squirt, you will want to lay down some protection for your bedding.

Take Some Time

Give yourself plenty of time to get in the mood and get yourself off. You dont want to limit yourself, and you definitely do not want to put too much pressure on the activity. Just relax and see what happens. Worst-case scenario? You get great orgasms.

Get Aroused

Get yourself going before you try to squirt. Whether you like to fantasize, watch some porn, or read some erotica to get off, go ahead and do that before you start. Enhance the mood with a bit of wine, candles, or whatever you like. If sex toys, vibrators are your thing, feel free to use those as well.

Work With Yourself

If you know what works for you, start with that. Then, youll want to find and stimulate your G-spot. There are several ways to do this, including massaging the spot with two fingers, pushing on the spot like a button, or even moving your entire hand while you have your fingers inserted in your vagina. You can also do this with a toy, f.e. with a dildo.

Release the Pressure

Youll feel a buildup of pressure. The Skenes gland is near the bladder, so, for some, it feels like youll need to pee. Focus on the feeling of pleasure instead and let go as you feel like youve hit or are about to hit orgasm.

How to Make a Woman Squirt

If you have a female partner and want to bring her to a squirting orgasm, you may wonder about how to make a girl squirt. Heres what you want to know:

Talk About It First

Let the woman know about the plan first. Chances are, shell be on board.


Lay down some towels and get ready to be patient. It can take a while to get just the right combo of stimulation, especially if its her first time squirting.

Its All About the Angle

For squirting during sex, youll need to stimulate the G-spot. This can be done with your fingers, your penis, or a sex toy. If youre trying to stimulate the G-spot via penile penetration of the vagina, youll want to work from positions that angle the penis towards the upper wall of the vagina. This can be done by having her legs on your chest or over your shoulders and having her lift her hips- placing a pillow under the hips is wonderful for this.


  • Porn depicts squirting women all the time, but this doesnt mean that all women have to squirt during enjoyable sex.
  • A successful pussy squirt is messy, be prepared to throw down some towels.
  • No squirting does not mean no orgasm; women can still come without squirting.



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