What Are the Effects of Not Having Sex

What Are the Effects of Not Having Sex

Sex is a part of life, and many would argue, the key to life. But what happens when people stop having sex? And do you really need sex? Were here with the answers to the most commonly asked questions about not having sex.

Why Do People Have Sex?

why do people have sex

Before we dive into not having sex, it may be helpful to examine why humans tend to be sexually active in the first place.  The simple answer is- because sex is enjoyable to them. Sure, sex can also be used for reproduction. However, in today’s world, sex is not the only way for humans to reproduce and not all forms of sex lead to reproduction.

While sex positivity has been a growing trend, which is wonderful for many individuals, it is also important that some people choose not to have sex- which is also perfectly ok.

What Is Celibacy?

Celibacy is typically associated with the choice not to have romantic interactions. Most often, the choice is made for religious reasons. However, some people may choose celibacy because they are focusing on other life goals.

But what does celibacy mean sexually? As you may have guessed, celibacy means not being sexually active as well as avoiding relationships.

What Does Being Abstinent Mean?

Abstinence is also associated with not having sex. However, people who are abstinent may choose other forms of intimacy, including relationships. Abstinence may be chosen for religious or cultural reasons, or even in times when a partner is ill.

While many people use abstinence and celibacy synonymously, the technical difference between the two is that those who are celibate do not engage in relationships or romance while individuals who are abstinent may be in a relationship but may choose not to have sex.

What Happens When You Stop Having Sex?

So, what happens if a man is not sexually active? The desire to have sex may be present. However, there are no negative physical effects when not having sex. This is true for men and women alike.

What Age Does a Man Stop Being Sexually Active?

This typically depends on the man, especially with modern technology and pharmaceuticals. Factors such as health status, marital status, and mental status play a significant role in when a man stops having sex.  

What Age Does a Woman Stop Being Sexually Active?

While menopause can lower sex drive, there are ways for a woman to be sexually active even in advanced age. The age at which a woman decides to stop being sexually active is up to the woman in question; however, factors such as health history, mental status, and other factors, such as family, play a major role.

What Happens When Someone Isnt Sexually Active for a While?

There are some common myths about what happens when a man is not sexually active, and most of them involve negative effects on the penis. These are simply myths with no actual truth or science to them. Likewise, there are myths that when a woman is not sexually active, she will become revirginized, and this, too, is entirely false.

It is worth noting, however, that when women arent sexually active in a while, the vaginal tissue begins to tighten. This can lead to discomfort and bleeding after the woman resumes intercourse. However, the use of toys and lubricant- especially after ‘it has been a while”- can improve the experience.

It is also worth noting that you may feel like you’re out of practice if you havent had sex in a while. If this is the case, feel free to take things slow and take the time to explore your partner.

What Are the Side Effects of Abstinence?

If an individual chooses to abstain from sex, there are no serious physical side effects. For couples who choose to abstain, it is essential to keep communications open to ensure that both people in the relationships are still on the same page.

While some people may experience the desire for sex during a period of abstinence, there are no serious physical consequences to not having sex.

What Is Asexuality?

Some people do not find much pleasure in sex and do not feel the need to be sexually active. This is a personal choice, and there is nothing wrong with not wanting to have sex. Remember, no one- not society, family, or even your partner- should pressure you into sex.

Tips for Coping With a Dry Spell

While some people may choose not to have sex for various reasons, sometimes people are compelled to abstain due to various circumstances. For instance, you may not be in a relationship at this time and may not feel comfortable with sex without commitment. On the other hand, you may be in a long-distance relationship with a partner who is physically far away or a partner who is ill. Whatever the case, here are a few coping tips:


This is the easiest way to satisfy sexual urges when you are unable to do things with a partner. You can take as much time as you have available, or as little time as you need. If youre getting bored, consider acquiring a new sex toy. 

Talk It Out

If youre in a relationship, consider phone sex or even virtual sex. Its not exactly the same, but even hearing your partners voice when you come helps you feel closer to them. Note that, if youre not in a relationship, asking strangers you meet online for virtual sex is not advised.

Let Your Partner Know

If youre in a relationship where you cannot have sex, but you really want to, you may want to communicate with your partner. You need to be honest and open about your needs and your feelings with your partner and work together to come up with viable solutions   

Make an Effort

If youre single and missing sex, take the time to meet a new partner. There are dozens, if not more, apps and websites that cater to singles.

  • There are several reasons for people to choose not to have sex.
  • Some people dont feel the need to have sex, and thats ok. Other people want sex, and thats also perfectly ok.
  •  If you want sex and are unable to partake, there are other things you can do.

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