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10 of the Best Sex Positions for When You’re Pregnant

10 of the Best Sex Positions for When You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy can be a joyous and stressful time. Pregnancy also comes with several limitations that have been widely accepted as preventative measures to ensure the mother and child’s health. But can you have sex while pregnant? Generally, the answer is yes- here’s what you need to know about sex during pregnancy and the best pregnancy sex positions.


Can I Have Set While Pregnant

While each pregnancy is different, there have been a few myths about sex while pregnant, which have persisted over the years. While some media perpetuates the myth that sex while pregnant is somehow bad for the pregnancy, this is simply untrue.

In fact, there is no general rule against having sex while you’re pregnant, and having sex during your pregnancy might actually be beneficial simply because sex is pleasurable, which gives you something else to think about other than worrying about motherhood.

Now, if you don’t feel like having sex while you’re pregnant, or if your doctor has advised you to abstain from sexual activity while pregnant, then it is best not to have sex in your specific case. Remember, when in doubt, always check in with your doctor to be safe.

Can I Have Anal Sex While Pregnant? 

If you’re already having anal sex and find it enjoyable, there is no reason to stop while you’re pregnant unless you were specifically instructed to do so by your health care provider. Remember to follow all of the general safety rules of anal sex and clean toys before and after use.

Will Sex While Pregnant Harm the Baby

sex positions for when you’re pregnant

No evidence links sex with any sort of complications to either mom or baby. Anatomically, a fetus is located within the uterus and has implanted itself in the uterine lining, which during development, allows the fetus to rely on the mother for circulation and antibodies. The uterus is separated from the vaginal canal by the narrow cervix.

Taking the Pressure Off

If you’re pregnant or your partner is pregnant, sex may not be front of mind. Not feeling like having sex is totally normal, and you should not feel ashamed about putting a pause on sexual activity.

Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

During the first trimester, sex positions aren’t yet a question because the belly is small, and almost every position that has felt comfortable in the past will still work well. However, as the pregnancy continues to develop, some positions are more comfortable than others. If you’re finding that your baby belly is getting in the way of intimacy, here are some of the best sex positions once the belly starts growing:

Missionary Position Sex:

When the baby bump is just starting to grow, missionary can be a great position. You’re lying down, so your partner gets to do a little more of the work. The missionary position can be comfortable until the last trimester when the baby bump expands significantly, at which point missionary might become challenging.

Doggy Style:

This is another great position to consider, and for many women, it can work throughout the pregnancy. Staying on all fours during sex helps ensure that the baby bump isn’t in the way and isn’t chaffing. In some cases, this might be less comfortable late into the pregnancy as the baby bump gets bigger.


Also known as the “woman on top,” this position is excellent for ensuring that the belly is out of the way. Reverse cowgirl, facing away from instead of towards your partner, is also worth trying. The cowgirl gives you the most control in terms of the depth of penetration, and since you’re on top, the baby bump is pretty much out of the way. The only downside of this position is that, as the belly grows, it can be harder to maneuver.


Oral sex can be great during pregnancy, especially if you’re on the receiving end. Simply lay down or sit in a relaxed position and let your partner do their thing.

Side Position:

This is especially good late in the pregnancy when lying on the side often feels like the only comfortable position and maneuvering into a standing or “on-top” position is challenging. Your partner can penetrate from behind, which works for both vaginal and anal sex.

Mutual Masturbation:

This is another excellent option, though it might take some positioning so that you and your partner can pleasure each other over the baby bump. Toys such as vibrators might make things easier since they can give your partner, or yourself, extra reach, and it is easier on the arms.

Hold My Belly:

This position is particularly great for anal sex because you can do it standing with your partner supporting your belly during intercourse. The only downside of this position is that you have to stand, so if your ankles are swollen or if you feel off-balance, opt for the side position instead.

Additional Tips:

Here are a few other tips and bits of information about sex while pregnant:

Changes Down Under:

Your vagina goes through hormonal changes during your pregnancy, which means that things might feel a little bit different down there. Being prepared for the changes and understanding that they are natural is the first step towards ensuring that you’re happy and safe while you have sex. Treating these changes as something to explore with your partner is a great way to tackle the issue.

Lubricant, Anyone?

Having extra lubrication during sex is always a good idea, but you especially want to add lube if you feel pain and discomfort during sex while pregnant.

Listen to Your Body:

If something feels uncomfortable or hurts, stop, and find out why. Has your baby bump grown enough to make a position uncomfortable? Is your vagina extra sensitive or feeling a bit dry? If you can’t find the answer or if the pain doesn’t stop when you stop, check-in with your doctor.


  • It’s generally safe to have sex while pregnant.
  • Sex while pregnant might be a bit of an adjustment- and that’s normal.
  • Many positions are still comfortable as your baby bump grows.
  • If you have doubts about whether you specifically should be having sex, the best person to ask is your doctor.



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