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Sissy Training Tips: Essential Concepts for Beginners

Sissy Training Tips: Essential Concepts for Beginners

If you are new to sissification, then you probably have a lot of questions, many of which will be answered as you delve into your research about the lifestyle. The most important thing is not to feel too overwhelmed in the beginning. Sure, there are a lot of things to learn, but learning is the fun part. You don’t have to know everything immediately.

What Is a Sissy?

Sissy men are one of the more exciting kinks to emerge in the S&M world in the past decade. It’s almost difficult to believe there was a time when men did everything possible not to be called a sissy. It just goes to show how much we have evolved, as toxic masculinity gives way to the blissful glee of the sissy life.

So, what exactly is a sissy? Wikipedia refers to it as “feminization.” It is defined as: “The practice of dressing a submissive partner as a woman and/or encouraging or training a submissive partner to act in a feminine or exaggeratedly feminine (“hyperfeminine”) manner.”

It goes on to say, “If assigned male at birth, the submissive partner may be called a “sissy.” Feminization is usually achieved via cross-dressing, where the male is dressed in female attire, ranging from just wearing female undergarments to being fully dressed in very feminine attire, including make-up, hairdress, and nail polish. Some males take on tasks, behaviours, and roles that are overtly feminine, and adopt female mannerisms and postures in tasks such as sitting, walking, and acting in a feminine manner.”

How to Become a Sissy

Becoming a sissy might just be the most natural state you have ever known. Perhaps you are someone who can easily adjust to this lifestyle, and the question of how to be a sissy will be easily answered.

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Write down the reasons why you want to become a sissy.
    It’s important to understand what it is about the lifestyle that intrigues you. Only then can you truly pursue what you hope to obtain from it.
  • Decide on how you want to look.
    You will want to create a look that feels comfortable to you. What is your style? Will you be wearing dresses and heels, or will you want to dress in feminine blouses and capris? These are important choices that will help shape your “sissy” identity.
  • Get trained and learn safety tips.
    Knowing the proper way to enter the lifestyle is key. You want to be certain you are taken care of and understand what is expected of you and of those you enjoy the lifestyle with.

As you can see, a lot of the process of becoming a sissy involves making a lot of big decisions. Ironically, you are in control of who it is you want to become. Your dom and those in the community will then likely honor the choices you make, while you let down your guard and allow them to choose how to best utilize you inside of those choices.

Sissy Training

There are several important things to know when you are about to become a part of the “sissy” lifestyle. Preparing yourself with some simple training can make a huge difference in the type of experience you will have your first time around.

The following are some vital training tips to be aware of:

  • Behavior Modifications
    You will want to adjust your behavior so that it is more in line with that of someone who wishes to serve. You might be surprised by how much of our behavior is inherently learned from childhood. You might be resistant to things you would not think you would be resistant to. You also might be open to things you never imagined being open to.

    Behavior modification happens all of the time in everyday life. Babies learn to potty train; we’re taught not to curse at school; we show respect at work, etc. Learning how to be more feminine is no different and should not be looked down upon. After all, it takes some work to learn how to walk in heels, speak with a softer voice, move your hips back and forth as you walk, etc. There’s no shame in the sissy game.

  • Physical Modifications
    There are certain sexual tasks you might be asked to participate in that require some very specialized sissy anal training. This can be done by simply purchasing some anal training sets. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to begin dabbling in the experience.

    These sets will help your anus adjust to the size of various dildos or other items that might be placed inside of you. You simply begin with the smallest plug and work your way up to the largest plug. By leaving them in place according to the directions on the box, you will be able to accommodate items or sizes you could never have imagined.
  • Mental Modifications
    Chances are, you have been considering the sissy lifestyle for a while. Not many of us wake up wanting to be a part of it without knowing anything about it. This is why now is the perfect time to get yourself mentally prepared for the adjustment. You are obviously already doing some reading and research, which is great.

    Now, it’s time to begin picturing yourself as a sissy. Picture what kind of training you might be looking for. What type of dom do you want? How do you want to feel, look, act, and dress? Making these choices now will guarantee a better experience later.

Sissy Tasks and Tips

There are many things you are going to have to learn in order to become fully sissified. These include many non-sexual things, as well. Here are just a few of the things you should keep in mind as you prepare to become a sissy.

  • You might need to learn how to cook and bake.
  • Cleaning could be an essential task with your dom.
  • Some doms like to be pampered. You will want to work on finding ways to let your dom know they matter to you and that you are willing to do anything to please them.
  • Tea time can be an enjoyable way to serve when you’re a sissy. Maybe brush up with some family heirlooms or order a new tea set of your own.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do start doing some shopping to find your look.
  • Do your research and enter the lifestyle only when you are ready.
  • Do be open-minded and willing to learn.
  • Don’t allow shame or judgment to cloud your experience.
  • Don’t feel pressured to do anything in the lifestyle that you don’t feel good doing.
  • Don’t rush into the lifestyle until you have had time to choose your sissy identity.


Maybe you have a support network in your life that will help guide you. Perhaps you don’t. Either way, there is a lot of research you can do on your own to prepare yourself for this unique lifestyle. It might be the “sissy” life, but it takes a lot of courage to allow yourself to be vulnerable with others.

You are dipping your toe in. Whether or not you decide to dive in is up to you. One thing is for sure, though. You should feel far more prepared now to decide if being a sissy is for you.

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