Best Homemade Sex Toys for Men

Best Homemade Sex Toys for Men

We’re a DIY society these days, so why should it be any different when it comes to our sex toys? Creating DIY sex toys can be just as fun as using them. Also, it will certainly save you the embarrassment of having your mail carrier deliver your new toys. Just imagine how you’d feel if your new pocket pussy arrived in see-through packaging or had big writing on it that said, “pocketpussy.” 

So, to save you and your mailman any unnecessary embarrassment, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a homemade pocket pussy or a homemade fleshlight, these homemade sex toys for men are just what you need to find some pleasure after a long day.  

What Will I Need to Buy?

In order to make the homemade toys below, you’ll need some of the following items on hand:

  • Cucumber
  • Rubber bands
  • Sharp knife
  • Duct tape
  • Hand towel
  • Latex glove
  • Belt or elastic band
  • Vibrating toothbrush
  • Condoms

Homemade Sex Toys

It’s time to finally make that homemade pocket pussy you’ve been talking about for so long. These are some of the best ideas you will find for homemade sex toys.

How to Make a Pocket Pussy

How to Make a Pocket Pussy

What’s better than your very own homemade pussy? Well, not much. You can get years of enjoyment with no fear of a big breakup ending your chances at pleasure. All you have to do is follow these directions to make your very own pocket pussy. 

First, what is a pocket pussy? 

  • It’s a sex toy that’s made to look and feel like an actual vagina. 
  • The toy comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. 
  • If you were to buy one, it would run you between $40 – $70.

So, how do you make one? Let’s start with what you’ll need to make it. 

  • Cucumber
  • Rubber bands
  • Sharp knife
  • Duct tape

Step 1: Take your sharp knife and cut off one end of the cucumber.

Step 2: Cut the cucumber in half longways. 

Step 3: Measure the cucumber halves against your penis and hollow out the appropriate amount of room you’ll need for your penis to fit nicely.

Step 4: Take rubber bands and use them to fuse the two halves of the cucumber back together again. Use as many or as few rubber bands as you like, until you reach the desired tightness.

Step 5: Now, wrap the cucumber with duct tape in order to keep it secure. 

Step 6: Lubricate! Yes, the moisture of the cucumber will feel amazing at first. However, it will eventually dry up. You want to be sure you have extra lubrication in there, or else you won’t have the sensual experience you were hoping for.  

How to Make a Fleshlight

How to Make a Fleshlight

Making a fleshlight is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. That’s how many steps it’ll take you to become the proud owner of a homemade fleshlight. It’s so easy; you’ll wonder why you didn’t give this a go sooner.

First, what is a fleshlight?

  • It’s a sex toy that usually has a standard form.
  • It can resemble a mouth, a vagina, or an anus.
  • They run between $60 – $80 in the store.

What do I need to have in the house in order to make one?

  • Hand towel
  • Latex glove
  • Belt or large rubber band

Step 1: Fold a small hand towel in half once, longways. Then, fold it in half again sideways, until it’s a quarter size.

Step 2: Take the latex glove and put it on top of the towel. You’ll want the side that your hand slips into to be on the outside of the towel. 

Step 3: Now, you’ll wrap the towel around the glove, kind of like a pig in a blanket. You’ll probably have to do this a few times until you get the wrap just right. If it’s too tight, you won’t be able to penetrate it properly. If it’s too loose, you won’t feel any friction. 

Step 4: You’ll need to secure the towel and the latex together. You can use either a belt or a large rubber band. Either one will work. 

Step 5: This is when the glove cuff comes in hand. Remember how you left it peaking out on the edge? Well, now you’re going to wrap it around the edge of the towel for protection.

Step 6: You can now wrap as many rubber bands or belts around the towels as you’d like. You’ll want to do this until you reach the perfect amount of tightness.

Homemade vibrator

Maybe a vagina isn’t what you’re looking for. There are a variety of household items you can use that will work as a vibrator. One of the best items around is a vibrating toothbrush. 

You’ll want to put a condom or latex glove over the head of the toothbrush. First, for sanitary reasons and second, for safety ones. Those bristles might not feel too good against your genitalia. The vibrating head sure will, though.  

How Do I Store and Clean My New Toy?

You’re probably wondering if there’s anything special you need to do in order to keep your new homemade sex toys shiny and clean. As a matter of fact, there is. You’re going to want to be sure you always clean and sanitize any item that will be coming in contact with your genitalia. Always use soap and water because there are all sorts of germs that can get on everyday household items.


Numerous studies have shown how sex toys can positively add to relationships and how men of all sexualities can find pleasure in them. There’s something exciting about having a DIY pocket pussy on your nightstand and a DIY fleshlight next to the shower. So now that you’ve perfected your homemade sex toy, it’s time to go enjoy it.

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