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10 Tips to Make Sure You Have the Best Car Sex

10 Tips to Make Sure You Have the Best Car Sex

Car sex is typically hit or miss, depending on who you ask. Some people swear that having sex in a car is the best thing ever because they love getting it on in a closed space with plenty to grab and little time to get everything done, while others strongly prefer a different location. If youre determined to try out sex in a car, here are a few tips on how to have sex in a car to help make the best of the experience.

1. Stop the Car

While sex in cars can technically be done regardless of whether youre parked or driving, it is highly recommended that you dont try car sex while the vehicle is in motion. Yes, its theoretically thrilling to be getting off while on the highway, but its also not worth the risk.

After all, attention is key to safe driving, and if youre not getting distracted by sex, then you arent doing it right. Its not worth the risk. If youre feeling frisky, pull over.  

2. Dress Appropriately for Sex in Car

While you can make car sex work in virtually any outfit, some clothes are better than others. For women, loose clothes that can be taken off or moved out of the way easily are preferable. Dresses and skirts, for instance, are a great choice. For the guys, getting out of clothes isnt generally much of a problem- though youll want something that allows for movement. If you know that youll be getting down and dirty in the car, skipping underwear can also be convenient for both genders.

3. Location, Location, Location

How to Having Sex in Cars for Long Time

People have been having sex in cars for a long time, so there are a few popular and logical favorites. Parks or semi-deserted areas are popular in the movies. However, you can also opt for an isolated side street or even alley. Whatever you decide, make sure that the location is safe and remote to ensure that you dont get caught.

Once youve figured out where your car will be parked, its time to decide where you and your partner are going to do the deed. While back seat sex is popular, you can also move the action to the front. Whatever you decide, it might take a bit of preplanning to ensure that you are both comfortable.

4. Illuminate Wisely

Depending on the time of day, sex in the car can get a little dark- literally. While youll want to minimize peoples ability to see into your car, you do want to have enough visibility to avoid putting an elbow through your window or snagging the car door.

On the other hand, too much illumination can draw attention from unsuspecting strangers.  

5. Seatbelts, Please

 Seatbelts are a great way to add a bit of kink to your backseat sex. You can use your seatbelts to restrain your partners arms regardless of whether they are in the front or back.

6. Lube Up!

While getting it on in the car can be pretty hot all on its own, having lubricant on hand to make things go more smoothly can also be helpful. Plenty of sex shops carry lubricants that can make oral more fun while also ensuring that sex stays pleasant for fun.

7. Use What You Have

 You Can Opt for Sex in The Car backseat

You can use the seats as leverage to help with stability in a new position or even for post-coital cuddles. You can opt for sex in the backseat and use the front seat for leverage or even drop your front seat for a little bit of extra room. If you have a larger truck, dropping the middle seat is also helpful.

If you happen to have a sunroof, this can be a great way to provide extra space. Depending on where youre having sex, you may be able to get away with getting outside the car and using the hood or the trunk for various positions. After all, getting down on the hood of your car can be extremely hot- just make sure you arent in a place where you can get caught.  

8. Try Route 69

When it comes to car sex positions, we arent always thinking about sixty-nine- but maybe we should be. Sure, you can take turns giving and receiving oral sex in the back seat, but why wait? The back seat is perfect for mutual oral- especially if you line up height-wise. If you and your significant other have a serious height difference, you can still make it work- just use what you have and be extra careful.

9. Steam Up for Car Sex

When you start getting physical in enclosed spaces like cars, sex is going to get steamy. While the heat and humidity can be a tad uncomfortable, it will help ensure that you arent seen.

If youre worried about getting too hot, consider cracking a window, or two, just to ensure that there is some oxygen flow. The air will also keep the fogging manageable, at least in theory.

10. Clean-Up

Whether youre having backseat sex or front seat sex, no one wants to be getting it on in a super messy car. And you definitely dont want reminders of your hot car sex in the form of uncleaned stains. Do yourself a favor and clean your car before and after sex. Baby wipes or even Lysol wipes will generally do the trick while making your smell cleaner.

If youve never had car sex, it is recommended that you try at least once. After all, sex in a new place is a great way to spice up your love life. The above tips can help you make the best of car sex regardless of whether youre trying it for the first time or the tenth. If you dont like car sex, however, there are a plethora of other places where you can get down and dirty with your significant other.

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