What Happens to the Body Post Orgasm?

What Happens to the Body Post Orgasm?

Did you know that your body actually undergoes a physiological change after an orgasm? It can be the same for both men and women in many ways and different in others. Read on to find out exactly what an orgasm does to your body and your brain.

What Happens to Your Body During an Orgasm?

your body during an orgasm

First, the body will get stimulated or excited. This is true for both men and women. The next phase is when the body plateaus and reaches a stable level of enjoyment. Next is the climax – the orgasm. For women, vaginal muscles will contract, though it is most often unnoticeable. For men, ejaculation is the climax.

What Happens to Your Body Post Orgasm?

After the orgasm, everyone’s bodies go through the same chemical and physiological changes. When the orgasm is completed, the parasympathetic nervous system begins to slow down. This allows you to enter a state of relaxation – or the return to normal.

The body’s pleasure receptors also start to produce more dopamine. For women, this can lead to an increased need to seek alternative pleasure through cuddling and hugging. Men seem less likely to seek further intimacy post-orgasm. This is mainly due to male testosterone levels and how they are affected by an orgasm.

What Is an Amazing Orgasm?

Well, not surprisingly, this can be very individual. But it is also experienced very differently by both men and women. An amazing orgasm is one where the person reaches a full climax and completes all four stages of an orgasm: excitement, plateau, climax, and return to normal.

Nausea After Sex

Many women report feeling nauseous after sex or orgasm. You can thank your hormones for this one. After an orgasm, slight nausea is not unusual.

It can also be the result of the penis entering deeply into the cervix and striking some very sensitive nerve endings. It is usually normal, and many women experience it. If the nausea becomes debilitating, it may be best to call your doctor right away.

What Is Post Nut Clarity?

This is a slang phrase that refers to a man’s post-orgasm. After ejaculation, blood rushes back to the brain, pumping out more oxygen and adrenaline. This leads to more lucid thinking in the immediate aftermath of an orgasm.

Why Do Orgasms Feel So Good?

There is a lot more going on during an orgasm than you may think. While the blood is rushing to your genitals to help your body reach climax, your brain releases oxytocin and dopamine. These chemicals directly contribute to feelings of intimacy and happiness.

What is Aftershock?

After a woman finishes an orgasm, she may feel repeated muscle spasms in her vagina. These usually only last a few minutes and are often pleasurable. In rare cases, aftershocks after an intense orgasm may cause pain. If this happens to you regularly, it’s best to consult with your gynecologist.

Can You Improve How Orgasms Feel?

For women, good news! There are a few things you can do yourself to help encourage better orgasms. Here’s how:

Do your Kegels

As vaginal muscles loosen after pregnancy and with aging; orgasms can feel a little less intense. To heighten the experience, practice your Kegels to strengthen your vaginal muscles. When they contract during orgasm, you’ll feel it more – resulting in an all-around better orgasm.

Get in the mood

A woman’s climax builds and builds. Starting with an erotic film or some other sort of stimulation can help improve orgasms.

Let your head hang backward

Women sometimes focus too hard on having an orgasm, making it much less climactic. As the blood flows back to your brain, you’ll be somewhat distracted, and this can help encourage a more natural orgasm that is much more pleasing.

Health Benefits of Having Orgasms

Having regular orgasms is a very important part of being healthy. In other words, don’t always push sex back for another time. Have more of it and have more orgasms because they really can better your health. Here’s how:

  • Orgasms can help alleviate pain and stress.
  • Regular orgasms reduce the likelihood of infidelity.
  • The release of endorphins mimics a sedative effect and can help treat insomnia.
  • More frequent orgasms mean feeling happier in your relationship. Plus, sexual satisfaction releases hormones that encourage feelings of closeness and happiness.

The Importance of a Good Sex Life

Having sex that includes climax for both partners is crucial to any relationship. Emotions and physical connections are deeply intertwined. As human beings, we are designed to respond to physical interactions, and they can help improve intimacy. Having sex should be about making your partner happy as they focus on making you happy.

Maintaining your sex life is an important part of fostering a long-term relationship.

What Do I Do if I Can’t Orgasm?

Not being able to complete an orgasm is a problem. It can affect your sex life, your self-esteem, your emotions, and your relationships. You can always seek out the help of a sex therapist if you want to find out what the root cause is and treat it. Perhaps there is a lack of communication in your marriage, and you are feeling it in the bedroom.

Sexual dissatisfaction should never be expressed in a way that attacks your partner. Instead, there should be an open discussion that will ultimately better your sexual experiences with one another.

The Bottom Line

An orgasm changes your body and your brain. It can provide short-term results that affect your levels of energy or happiness. But it can also affect long-term happiness within your relationship. Being able to make your partner climax requires an understanding of what that person likes and caring enough to help them achieve it.

Sexual satisfaction should always be mutual in an encounter, particularly in a relationship. If you are having trouble achieving intimacy with your partner, contact your doctor to find out about local sex therapy programs in your area.

Maximizing your orgasms and your partners will bring you closer together and keep you happier and more fulfilled.


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