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Your Guide to Helpful Male Enhancement Products

Your Guide to Helpful Male Enhancement Products

When it comes to sex, no one wants to miss out. And for men, there is often an increased pressure to perform for yourself and your partner. But what happens if your performance isn’t up to par? If you’re a man who is having a little bit of trouble in the bedroom, there are plenty of things that can help you:

What Can Go Wrong

There are a few things that can go wrong in the bedroom for men. In general, it is either a problem getting up or a problem staying up. Another issue might be a lack of lubrication, which can easily be fixed by lubricants.

If you are taking medication or have another systemic condition, the medication or condition may be affecting your performance. Fixing that underlying issue is actually the first step to getting your performance back. Remember, however, that you should never stop a medication without the supervision of your doctor. After all, your doctor prescribed that medication for a reason.

When to See a Doctor

If things in the bedroom are changing, it is recommended that you get checked out by a doctor. Bedroom performance might be linked to another change in your body or even a sign of a general condition. You should also see a doctor if you have a reaction to any male enhancement product, natural or otherwise.

male enhancement

Remember the Natural Options

There are many natural ways to optimize your sexual performance. Whether you’re having a problem getting up or staying up, there are things that you can try that are not actual enhancements.

Stay Active

Regular exercise is not only good for your health, but it can also help with your performance in the bedroom by boosting your libido. Besides, sex done right is an active pastime, and it’s definitely not the sexiest thing if you run out of breath due to lack of cardio practice.

Eat Well

Foods such as bananas and onions can naturally boost your sexual performance by promoting circulation and providing extra potassium. You can also try other known aphrodisiacs, such as oysters, chocolate, asparagus, watermelon, or strawberries.

Avoid Bad Habits

Excessive drinking and certain drugs can lower your sexual performance. In fact, if you had a lot to drink and had a bad performance, the problem might stem from the excessive amount of alcohol in your system and not your penis. When you’re more sober, trying again is an easy and fun way to make sure that overdrinking was to blame.

Take Time to Destress

Stress is another external factor that can affect your sexual performance. Consider taking the time to relax and talk through the problem with your partner. In fact, it will bring you and your partner closer together.


Despite the myths, masturbation is a great way to relieve stress and make you a little less sensitive when it comes time to get into things with your partner. If you have a problem with coming too soon, go ahead and masturbate before seeing your partner. This will help make your penis a little bit less sensitive when doing the deed with someone else.

Find Workarounds

If coming too fast is a problem, save that for last. Instead, start with slow foreplay and let your partner come first. Don’t be afraid to get toys involved either- not only will they spice up your sex life, but it will also help ensure that your partner is satisfied.

Male Enhancement Products

male enhancement products

There are several male enhancement products on the market. Here are a few to consider. However, while most of these can be obtained over the counter, it is encouraged that you see a doctor before taking any new medications.

Promescent Delay Spray

This nifty spray is great if you are too sensitive and can help you last longer. You control the spray, so you only desensitize areas that you want to be desensitized. The spray will help you if you’re very sensitive, but it won’t help you get up or stay up.


Penis pumps are a great way to treat erectile dysfunction without drugs. The pump works by constricting the blood vessels around the penis and thus promoting an erection. The pump typically comes with a penis ring, which constricts the vessels even more and may help the pump seal. The pump can be hand-operated or mechanical, depending on the pump type.

Remember, when used correctly, the pump is mostly safe. However, bruising and even small hemorrhages may occur. You definitely want to follow the instructions on the pump and read the potential side effects before you start pumping. Note also that, despite popular advertising, there is no science backing the idea that pumps increase your penis size.


If you’re self-conscious about the size of your penis, or if you simply want to spice things up with your partner by adding something new to the mix, a penis sleeve can be a great way to get a few extra inches or even a new sensation.


Some supplements are designed to optimize sexual performance. These are often over the counter and contain ingredients to add energy, promote circulation, and optimize sexual performance.


There are medications that help with erectile dysfunction and other penile issues. Viagra is among the most famous examples of medication for erectile dysfunction and can be obtained from your doctor. However, you will definitely want to see a doctor and learn about these medications’ potential risks to your overall health.


  • Problems in the bedroom are nothing to be ashamed of and can be helped.
  • If you notice sudden changes in bedroom performance, see your doctor as these may be side effects of medication. 
  • There are several natural ways to optimize your sexual performance and boost your libido
  • Many enhancement options can help with erectile dysfunction, oversensitivity, decreased libido, and more.




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