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10 Tips on How to Be Sexy During a Night Out

10 Tips on How to Be Sexy During a Night Out

We all want to feel sexy on a date, but how exactly can that be done? Well, it’s not so much about how you look. It’s about how you feel! Here are a few tips to help you feel sexier next time you’re out on a hot date.

how to be sexy

How to Be Sexy

This doesn’t mean it’s time to bring out the dirty talk. That may not be appropriate for a date night. The idea is to feel sexier. It’s not about how to be hot or how to look hot. Instead, the focus should be on how to feel sexy. Here are some tips and tricks to help you feel your sexiest on your next date.

Wear Something You Feel Confident in

Feeling sexy usually begins with feeling confident. If wearing a revealing outfit makes you feel uncomfortable, you won’t feel sexy in it. Instead, wear something that makes you feel confident in your own skin. That feeling of confidence is the first step to feeling sexy and attractive on your date.

Try Something New

If you usually wear very muted makeup or keep your hair down, try something different on your next date. Maybe it’s a sleek pair of high heels, or a new hairstyle, or even a deep smoky eye. Whatever it is, try something you don’t normally do to get your mind thinking and feeling sexier.

Act Like It’s a First Date

If you’ve been in a relationship for many years, it may seem like it’s been forever since you actually felt sexy. Try to spice things up and consider role-playing. Pretend you’re on a first date with your partner and try to get yourself back to that place where you want to turn the other person on.

Watch Porn or Read a Sexy Story

Reading sensual novels or watching a porn movie before your date can get you in the mood. It’s really hard to feel sexy when you aren’t in the mood. Set the mood with the right reading materials, and you’ll have sex on your mind all night. It’ll be pretty easy to feel super sexy after that.

Invest in Lace Hosiery

Sexy lace motif nylons are a surefire way to feel sexy instantly. The patterns on your legs just look sexy. One glimpse of yourself in sexy lace, and you’ll be feeling hot. And so will your date!

Listen to Sexy Music

Some songs just can’t help but put you in the mood. Listen to some sexy songs – or songs that you often listen to during sex – to turn you on and set your mind to sexy. Remember, looking sexy starts with feeling sexy.

Don’t Wear Pajamas All Day

If you’ve been in pajamas or sweats, you just won’t feel sexy. It’s like they’re designed for a singles night in. If you have a hot date coming up, wear something you can see your body in before you get dressed up for your evening. It’ll just get your mind focusing on your curves.


Yes, masturbate! Regular masturbation will keep your sex drive raring to go! Having regular orgasms can give you a confidence boost and make you feel comfortable in your own skin.


Exercising makes you feel instantly better about your body. It can help you with your confidence and will work to make you feel better about your body. In fact, you will feel instantly sexier after a hardcore workout. Work out areas like your hips, thighs, and glutes. Focusing on these sensual spots can help you feel like those areas look better almost instantly.

The Dos and Don’ts of Being Sexy

The question isn’t how to be sexy. It’s how to feel sexy! Sexiness comes from your feelings about yourself, not from an outfit or a specific perfume. When it comes to being sexy, try to avoid these common pitfalls:

Forget Dirty Talk in Public

Unless you’re in the bedroom, don’t talk dirty to your date. It won’t make you feel sexy. In fact, it can be downright awkward sometimes. Instead, focus on how you can feel sexy, not how you can make the other person perceive you as sexy.

Don’t Forget to Be Yourself

Putting on a show to make someone see you as sexy is, more often than not, a real mood killer. Instead, try to be yourself and learn to feel sexy without putting on a show for anyone.

How Can I Look Sexier?

You don’t need to change anything about your look. All you need to work on is how you perceive your look. Remember, no one is perfect. You don’t have to look like a Victoria’s Secret supermodel to be sexy. You just need to feel great in your own skin and appreciate your beauty as it is.

Why Do I Need to Feel Sexy?

You don’t need to feel sexy, but you may want to. And that’s perfectly ok. Feeling sexy is usually the first step towards a pleasurable intimate experience with your partner. If you want to achieve that level of intimacy with someone, you want to feel good about yourself and ready to move things to the next level.

The Bottom Line

Being sexy isn’t a physical attribute; it’s a state of mind. The way you feel about yourself will make all the difference in how sexy you feel. When one partner feels sexy, the other can’t help but feed off that energy and get into a sexier mood themselves. If you want to spice things up in your long-term relationship or even on a first date, make yourself the focus.

You aren’t putting on a show to please anyone. Being sexy is just about feeling confident in who you are and wanting to share that feeling intimately with a partner. No matter your age or body type, you can feel sexier than ever by working on your self-confidence. Remember, if you feel good, you look good. If you feel sexy, you look sexy.


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