Your Guide to Roleplay Sex

Your Guide to Roleplay Sex

Roleplay sex can be an excellent way to bring a little bit more fun and passion into the bedroom. Whether youre trying to spice things up or going for a favorite fantasy, heres what you want to know:

How to Role Play

How to Role Play

Roleplay sex essentially involves pretending to follow a scenario, which can be a typical everyday scenario or something more creative and turn that into an erotic situation. This can be virtually any scenario, realistic or fictional.

Benefits of Role Play

There are plenty of benefits to trying out roleplay sex. You can use it as a fun and creative way to enjoy time with your partner, or as part of foreplay. Roleplay is also fun because you get to pretend to be someone else and get naughty with your partner.

Various roleplay sex scenarios can also give you an inside look into your partners head and help you learn more about what they like and dont like sexually.

Talking to Your Partner

If youve never roleplayed before, its definitely a good idea to ease your partner into the idea. Talk to the partner about what youd like to do and start with something simple and easy. You definitely want to make sure that your partner is OK with the scenario and establish safety rules.

Safety should come first, so you need to let your partner know that either of you is allowed to break character if something feels off.   

How to Make Role Play Even Better

Roleplay sex is definitely fun on its own, but there are a few things that you can do to enhance your experience.


 If you can, take your roleplay sex out of the bedroom, or at least dont start there. You dont need an elaborate set up as you see in role-play porn, but starting somewhere different can add to the novelty of the experience.

If possible, get a hotel for the night, to make the scenarios more believable. You can also start in your living room, car, or even the office.

Get Creative

There are a lot of role play sex ideas online and in porn. Starting simple is great, but if you end up loving the idea of role-playing, you can branch out into other scenarios.

Use Costumes

You dont have to spend a fortune on costumes for your role-playing ideas, but adding even a simple outfit to your role play can really help make the experience more authentic. Depending on what your scenario involves, you can find a costume at a local store, online, or even in the back of your closet. For ladies, this is also the perfect excuse for lingerie shopping.

Use Props

No erotic role play is complete without props. A necktie can go a long way as a blindfold, gag, or even restrains, but there are tons of great accessories available.  Some popular props include handcuffs, paddles, and sex toys

Roleplay Sex Scenarios to Try

There are plenty of scenarios for role play. If youre drawing a blank, check out these role play ideas:

Teacher and Student

This is a very popular sexy roleplay and isnt very restricted to gender roles. The general premise is that one partner is the naughty student, and the other is the disciplinarian, such as a teacher, principal, or headmaster. 

Bad Cop

One of you is a police officer, and the other is guilty of some sort of infraction. The guilty party can try to talk, or pleasure, their way out of the infraction. Handcuffs can be particularly helpful in this scenario.

Home Delivery

Get one of you to dress up as a delivery person and deliver a special package. For an extra naughty twist, make it a package that contains a new sex toy (dildos, vibrators) for you to both to try or a sexy outfit that you can brazenly model in front of this stranger.


Get your significant other to pick you up and pay them with sex. This is a great one to do after a guys night or a girls night; go out with your friends and have your partner pick you up. The anticipation is going to make the night extra fun, and its a way to make sure that youre getting home safe.

French Maid

This is traditionally done with the girl dressing up in a sexy French maid outfit, but this is by no means a rule. You can definitely have a male French maid, which you can also alternatively spin into the naughty butler or sexy pool boy, depending on your preferences. 

Power Exchange

Have one partner take complete control over as the dominant and the other as the submissive. This power exchange can be an agreement that one person is in charge or can be added to whatever scenario you like, including historical figures or fictional characters. For instance, the dominant partner can be a monarch who is exerting power over a servant.

Bad Thief: Have one of you dress up as the thief who has been caught and needs to be taught a lesson for trying to steal something in the house. If youre the thief, let your partner choose how youll be punished for your transgression.

Tips for Men

If youre a man and youre trying to engage in roleplay sex, talk to your partner and figure out what you both do and dont like. Be a little bit flexible about your fantasies and figure out what works for both of you.

Tips for Women

As a woman, it can be a little bit more intimidating to bring up sex. This is due to stupid, outdated notions that women are supposed to repress their sexuality. Feel free to ignore these old-school ideas. Your partner will definitely appreciate your initiative but, if youre feeling nervous, start the conversation with general things youd like to try in the bedroom.


  • Roleplay sex is a fun way to explore your sexuality and spice up your sex life.
  • Props and costumes make roleplay sex better.
  • The best roleplay sex lets you get creative and think outside the box.
  • Always make sure that you and your partner are comfortable.
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