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Learn How to Give a Woman a Sensual Massage

Learn How to Give a Woman a Sensual Massage

In times of stress, a full body sensual massage can be just what the doctor ordered. Not everyone knows how to give a female erotic massage properly, though. So, if you’d like to learn how to give your girlfriend or wife massages, then be sure to keep reading.

The Best Tips for How to Give a Good Massage

The Best Tips for How to Give a Good Massage

The words “wife, massage, sex” go together beautifully. When you learn how to give a sensual massage, you’re almost certain to make her feel good enough to play. Use these top tips if you really want to rock her world and spice up your sex life.

Erotic Oil Massage 

This can be a surefire way to make her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. There’s something incredibly calming about massage oil. The way it slips through the fingers and glides along the skin creates a sensual bond that should be the foundation of any massage. 

Play Her Favorite Music 

Finding the right playlist is essential to any erotic massage. You want something calming, yet titillating. A light electronica mix can set the mood perfectly. Think Hoover Phonic or Sigur Ros. If you have access to Spotify or Pandora, you can choose to program the perfect radio station so that you have it ready for her as soon as she sits down to relax.

Learn the Right Technique

There are a plethora of ways to massage someone. These are some of the most sensual ways that have been discovered.

  • Stroking – This one sounds dirty right out of the gate, but just gently move up and down her back. Keep your fingers together as your palm and entire hand press slowly against her. You can concentrate on her back for the first few minutes, before moving down toward her buttocks. 
  • Shiatsu – This is a very rhythmic method of massage that can be quite erotic with the right partner. The technique originated in Japan, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll understand why it’s gained widespread popularity. Just apply pressure with your fingers to her favorite area, then begin making slow rotating movements. Never be in a hurry when you’re giving a sensual massage because slower is always better.
  • Kneading – You’ve probably either seen bread being kneaded or have kneaded it yourself. Using both of your hands in their entirety, take large portions of the skin and apply pressure with the tips of your fingers and palms. You can do this all along her body. Just be sure you don’t do it to her stomach since many women tend to feel a bit self-conscious in that area.  

The *Worst* Sensual Massage Techniques

The Worst Sensual Massage Techniques

Just as there are the right things to do, there are also the wrong things. Discover what they are now, and save both you and your partner the uncomfortableness of having to experience them for yourselves.

No Oil

There are few things worse than someone who doesn’t know how to give a massage, starting with rubbing their hands all over a dry body. The resistance of the friction can be downright painful. Adding oil not only makes your hands more able to glide smoothly, but it also adds the perfect amount of sensuality to the touch. 

The Wrong Music

Sure, you and your girl might love Eminem, but he’s not exactly massage appropriate music. Playing something with the right light electronic sound is what a lot of massage parlors do because it helps calm the nerves. If you’re in the mood for something with a sexier groove, then there’s always the gold standard of Marvin Gaye.

Bad Techniques

A massage isn’t only moving your hands around without thought. There’s a technique behind the best massages.

  • Rubbing in One Spot – This can be annoying after a while. Besides, rubbing the same spot over and over can cause skin irritation. Nobody’s going to feel good after that.
  • Massaging the Wrong Spot – The perfect example of this is a woman’s stomach. Most women are self-conscious of their stomach, especially if they have some extra weight on them. Having their man grabbing onto folds of skin is going to make them feel much more uncomfortable than it is sexy. 
  • Getting Over-Eager – Yes, giving the girl who drives you wild a massage is likely going to… well, drive you wild. You don’t want to move too quickly, though. Give her time to enjoy the massage and all of the techniques you’ve taken the time to learn. Don’t try to rush past it and get her in bed too quickly.

Products That Help Give Better Sensual Massages

Massage Oils

This is one of the most important things you can have with you. As we mentioned above, having oil is an essential way to enjoy a sensual massage. You can even find one that comes in her favorite scent, to really kick up the enjoyment. 


When you want to create the perfect romantic setting, it’s impossible to do without the use of candles. The soft lighting can create a sensual environment all on its own. What’s probably best about candles is the way that the lighting helps the couple in the room feel more comfortable. After all, everyone tends to look better in some romantic low lighting.


If you’re unsure of what music to choose, you can actually find music collections specially made for massages. The songs have been carefully selected to set the right tone. If you use a service like Amazon to buy the music, then you can even listen to samples of the songs included. This way, you can find the mix that’s perfect for you and your partner.


Sexual massages can feel intimidating at first. Hopefully, the tips laid out in this article have helped you feel more secure about giving a nice girl massage. Maybe she’ll be kind enough to do the same for you. What a great way to spend some quality time together!

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