Get Caught Up With Sex Tech

Get Caught Up With Sex Tech

Using the latest technology for sexy times is hardly a new concept. Dildos date back at least 28,000 years, although they were stone and most likely nowhere near as comfortable or easy to use as their modern counterparts. There were no bottles of water-based lube for your sex tech back in the Stone Age!

As technology advances, the inner workings become smaller and more powerful, and the possibilities keep increasing. You’d like to control your partner’s vibrator from a distance- done. Male sex toys that link up with porn? That’s been done too. Let’s take a look at the smartest innovations in “SexTech” and the newest sex toys on the market right now.

Smart Sex Toys: A Sexual Revelation

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Having sex with sex toys has come a long way over the past few years. With the advent of app-based control for devices like thermostats, televisions, and even home assistants, it was inevitable that someone would eventually connect the technology to sex toys.

These days you can buy a vibrator that you control with an app on your device or, more tantalizingly, with an app on your partner’s device. Check out our Best Sex Toys List below for information on one of the best.

Unique Sex Toys: Something a Little Different

Some sex toys don’t look anything like what they actually are. Take the Tenga Egg, for example. It looks like a cheap version of a Faberge Egg, but hiding inside the discreet outer shell is a penis stroker loved by folks all over the world.

Most people associate sex tech with masturbation – stroking or penetration of some kind, but innovators have gotten around to simulating any number of sexual acts, including rimming. The B-VIBE rimming plug uses rotation and vibration to emulate this, and according to most reviews, it is very successful, too.

Sex Toys for Solving Problems

As people become more open about their sex lives, solutions to help with sexual difficulties become more widely available.

Lover is an app that offers a range of advice and tips to help anyone be more comfortable in bed, rekindle desire, or deal with problems, such as struggling to get an erection.

Another innovation is a patch designed to help anyone struggling with premature ejaculation. The patch uses neuroscience to delay the stimulation of the penis, allowing users greater control over when they ejaculate. It’s a possible alternative to pharmaceutical options.

Our Top Rated Sex Toys Right Now

We’ve goggled the world of SexTech and have been amazed by the innovations in progress. But what’s hot right now? We’ve checked out the best sex toys on the market, and there is something here for just about anyone.

Best Sex Toy for Women: Bia from V for Vibes

Many consider V for Vibes the best sex toy site for really understanding what women want out of a vibrator. Their ethos is all about empowering women and letting them find their way to powerful, multiple orgasms. The Bia is a unique sex toy. It’s self-lubricating, has a “rabbit” style with clitoral stimulator, and most surprisingly, even an ejaculating function. It’s as close to the real thing as you can get!

Best Sex Toy for Men: Lelo HUGO Prostate Massager

Anyone with a prostate will appreciate the incredible vibrations that this small but powerful toy provides. The HUGO has two motors for extra oomph, and they claim that correct stimulation of the prostate can improve the pleasure of the orgasm by 33%. HUGO is suitable for solo play or for fun with a partner and can be moved around to exactly where the prostate is for even more flexibility.

Best Sex Toy for Couples: We-Vibe Jive

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We-Vibe makes sex toys for all genders and couples, including the incredible app-controlled models. Designed to give vaginal and clitoral stimulation, the device is controlled with We-Connect, a simple app that can be controlled by the user or their partner – even from far away! Make your partner shudder with pleasure while you’re at work and they’re at home. It’s a great way to get closer to your partner through play. Our link provides 5% off across the whole site.

Best Gender Free Sex Toy: Tryst V2

Tryst V2 is a smooth, bendy toy in body-safe silicone, designed for doing whatever you want. There’s a range of vibration speeds, and the two arms are entirely flexible, so they match up to just about any erogenous zone you’d like to apply pleasure to- a truly inclusive toy.

Best Clitoral Stimulator: Seduction

For those that need their regular dose of oral sex, the Seduction stimulator from Honey Play Box sucks and licks like the real thing. A silicone “tongue” moves in a flicking motion while the device’s cup-like end provides suction at different strengths. Take note – this toy is not waterproof, so it needs to be cleaned with care. However, it is delightfully compact, allowing you to pop it in a bag and take it away with you whenever you like. Shop via our link for free shipping.

What’s most exciting about the advancements in sexual technology is that it seems to be focused on helping people enjoy their sex lives more openly and intimately. It’s no longer considered dirty or weird to buy a sex toy, and the more that taboo is taken away, the safer and more innovative sex toys will become.

Takeaway: Sex toys keep getting smarter and more innovative. App-controlled vibrators, oral-sex stimulators, and neuroscience aimed at helping premature ejaculation are just some of the exciting developments going on right now.




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