Your Guide to the Best Shower Sex

Your Guide to the Best Shower Sex

Shower sex? Why not! Sex in the shower can be fun, and you’ll probably have a great time as long as you are aware that sex in the shower isn’t going to work exactly the same as sex in the bedroom. For one thing, there’s a lot more water. Whether you’re already having shower sex regularly, or want to have sex in the shower for the first time in the near future, here’s everything you need to know about shower sex.

A Few Things to Note About Shower Sex

shower sex

Before we dive into the best shower sex positions, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that shower sex is fun, safe, and pleasurable.

It Can Be Slippery:

Between the soap suds and the potentially limited space, it can be easy to slip in the shower- especially when you’re getting hot and heavy with your significant other. Make sure that you have a way to stabilize yourself in your chosen position and keep the suds to a minimum to avoid slipping.

Temperature Check:

Make sure that you and your partner are comfortable with the shower temperature. What feels good for you might be a little too hot or too cold for your partner. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a range that feels just right for both of you. And, since the showerhead can’t cover you both simultaneously, making sure that the bathroom is warm and steamy on a cold day can help ensure that you’re comfortable in and out of the water.

Angle Well:

If you hear “angle” in the context of sex, you’re probably thinking about the angle of penetration. However, with shower sex, you also want to consider the angle of your shower head. To make things comfortable, you’ll want to angle your shower head down to your torso or even to your feet to avoid getting water in your face during sex.

Get Ready to Dry Off:

After doing the deed in the shower, you’ll probably want to dry off and head to bed or, if you have places to be, get dressed and tackle the remainder of your day. If you’re already living with your partner, this isn’t an issue. However, if you’re not living with your partner, you might need to be prepared with extra towels. You should also be careful about getting out of the shower because your bathroom floor might be slippery.

Water Can Be Tricky:

You’ll probably need to make a few modifications with shower sex- especially when it comes to toys, lube, and protection. Remember, unprotected sex still carries the risk of pregnancy and STDs even if you are doing it in the shower.

You Still Need to Clean Up After:

You definitely need to clean up after shower sex, even if you were under the water the entire time.

Grab These for Better Shower Sex

Depending on your, and your partner’s, preference, you may not have all of the things below, but we thought we’d cover our bases:

Shower Mat:

Investing in a good bath mat to help minimize the slip factor.


Not all of your sex toys are going to work in the shower. Anything electronic- whether it plugs in or is battery operated deserves extra caution. While some electronic toys are designed to be waterproof, you want to ensure that that particular toy is safe.

Note that you’ll still want to clean your toys after shower sex. Even though this seems counter-intuitive because you were just in the shower, you’ll still want to use your designated cleaner and make sure that your toys are dried after you’re done. Leaving any of your toys or props, such as handcuffs, for too long will eventually cause a problem.


Having good lubrication is key to pleasurable, safe sex, and, ironically, water is not a lubricant. In fact, you might feel like you want more lubricant during shower sex. Opt for a natural or water-based lube to help keep things comfortable without increasing the slip factor.

Shower Sex Positions to Try:

shower sex positions

Here are a few shower sex positions that can be a lot of fun.

Standing Doggy Style:

Have one partner face the wall with both feet firmly planted on the ground and arms out for support. The other partner goes in from behind for either vaginal or anal sex.

Present Booty:

This is sort of like doggy style, but the person “presenting” grabs a shower rail or leans a little lower for a different angle. This also works well for vaginal or anal.

Mutual Masturbation:

This can be great, especially if you’re in a small space or if you’re worried about slipping. Start in the shower and continue elsewhere- just be careful getting out. You can also use toys- make sure they’re waterproof.

Reverse Cowgirl:

This only works if there’s a ledge to sit on. Have one partner on the ledge, and the other partner sits on top for anal or vaginal sex.

Leg Up:

Have the partner being penetrated place a leg on the ledge or have the penetrating partner hold the leg up. This can be done facing each other or with one partner facing away.

Shower Sex Is Not for Everyone, and That’s OK!

Shower sex, just like any other type of sex, is sort of like donuts. Some people think donuts are great; others prefer something else. For some people, shower sex brings to mind hot and steamy lovemaking, but for others, it might be uncomfortable to have sex in a slippery shower under running water.

Remember, consent is always key when it comes to sex. Check-in with yourself and your partner- and be honest about it. There’s nothing wrong with passing on shower sex if you aren’t comfortable with any of the positions and don’t want to get creative.


  • Shower sex can be fun for many couples.
  • Be aware that there is a risk of slipping in your shower; keep oils and soap suds to a minimum.
  • Find a suitable temperature for the water and the bathroom.
  • Use water-based lube for extra lubrication. 
  • Finding a good position is key. 
  • Use protection as you would during any other type of sex.





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