The Best Online Adult Entertainment Stores

The Best Online Adult Entertainment Stores

So you want to buy a sex toy. Or maybe some sex accessories, from just plain helpful to downright kinky. Well, take off your outside pants, because we have online sex stores now, to be browsed from the privacy of your own home.

But even that can be intimidating. Where should one start? Which sex toy websites are on the level anyway?

Take a deep breath; you’re in the right place. Check out this list of the best sex toy websites (in no particular order), and soon you’ll be in a more fulfilling place than here if you catch our drift.
The Top Online Adult Stores Today

1. Amazon

Yes, in fact, the pioneering online bookseller of the 90s can today be your one-stop sex toy shop.

For the person who would rather stick with a website they know and not go directly onto a sexier one, this is the perfect place to buy almost anything your heart (or, more importantly, body) desires. Amazon’s massive operations aren’t known for ideal quality control; however, a caveat is that you should do your own research for the very best results.

  • Although Amazon offers the most popular brands and products, identify some of your own potential favorites, and look for them by name.
  • Browse through what are sure to be numerous reviews (another perk of this method, if you’re trying to compare toys, for example).
  • You can also use Amazon as a jumping-off point to price check against.

2. Adam & Eve

The venerable Adam & Eve is an industry staple 40 years in the making and a leading American sex toy store. They have a multitude of physical locations as well, should you ever work up the courage or curiosity to visit one–but fear not; everything is available online.

Their selection for men and women is enormous, although easily broken into multiple categories, meaning searching through it isn’t difficult. They even sell a range of adult movies and multiple lines of lingerie for all sorts of body types.

3. Rainbow Depot

Rainbow Depot is an LGBTQ+ retailer with an extensive adult toys section and plenty of niche products to explore. Their catalog of bondage accessories is exceptionally thorough. Choices for electrostimulation, collars, leashes, blindfolds, and gags are essentially endless.

A navigation menu with choices nestled inside each other (that are only viewable when you click through) means Rainbow Depot will serve you best if you go in with a specific narrow focus rather than just to browse. Then the sub-categories will work more intuitively to get you exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Lovehoney

There’s something familiarly comforting about Lovehoney; opening up the homepage of this online sex store feels like casually walking into some kind of kinky local Target.

  • They stock a variety of toys for men and women and lots of accessories, plus run a bunch of deals and offers at any given time.
  • Like Adam & Eve, they have sexy lingerie and costumes. And like Rainbow Depot, their selection of bondage equipment is to die for.
  • Something new you’ll find here, listed under bondage, is dedicated fetish wear!

It’s just another dependable all-needs-served sex toy shop, but aimed at young people and probably one of the most welcoming for newbies in terms of design. It’s just a little slicker and friendlier than some of its competitors. Try Lovehoney if you’re looking to step up from Amazon but not get too wild about it.

5. We-Vibe

The for-couples sex toys of We-Vibe aren’t the only things they sell, but it’s what they made their name on. Remote controllable for use by yourself or a partner, the original We-Vibe offers clitoral and G-spot stimulation while slim and small enough to be used simultaneously during sex. Not to bring baseball into it, but talk about bases loaded.

The company also stocks their own prostate massagers, Womanizer clitoral stimulation toys, cock rings, standard vibrators, anal toys — they’ve got a lot of great choices, all without latex, BPAs, or phthalates. They stock other kinds of accessories, though.

6. Unbound

This shop, at the handle Unbound Babes, is the storefront of a small, woman-founded, and women-focused sex toy company.

  • They sell their own custom offerings you can’t get elsewhere, from assorted vibrators and stimulation rings to clitoral gel and some foreplay accessories.
  • They also offer a subscription box and curated toy sets.
  • Products for anal means there’s still a little something for people without vaginas, too.

Their website is designed in a retro-modern aesthetic that’s fun and different from any other. Most of the sites on this list are functional and easy to use — but Unbound is pleasant and accessible in a way that will make your sex toy shopping feel like you’re really treating yourself.

7. Babeland

Babeland is a sex toy shop quickly, coming up on 30 years in business, that started as a woman-friendly brick and mortar and today represents a community- and education-oriented organization. They offer the usual dildos, strap-ons, anal toys, cock rings, masturbation sleeves, and vibrators. Overall, it’s an excellent selection with great categorical organization.

What’s unique here is their Sex Toys 101 section, which they promote to visitors right on the homepage, and the workshops and events they hold at their physical locations in Seattle and New York. Sure, other websites might give you info or have a guide to their products tucked away (Adam & Eve is actually a fantastic resource for these things as well), but Babeland puts sex smarts front and center. Another top pick for newbies.

8. MyPleasure

In the best way possible, MyPleasure feels exactly how you would imagine an old school sex shop storefront to feel, without crossing into “I don’t like it anymore” territory.

A true megastore, their selection is gigantic and wide-spanning: anal beads, kegel balls, butt plugs, Fleshlights, oils and lubes, wands, and rabbits. They have a navigation menu as handy as any other, but the best way to experience MyPleasure is to browse All Products and be overwhelmed and amazed.

This probably isn’t the best place for beginners unless you’re ready for a crash course. For anyone looking to survey all their options and maybe be inspired to try something new, it’s just the thing.


The land of sex toy websites is vast and wild, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s nothing you can’t handle…at least, not after reading this.

Whether you’re looking for toys for one, for two, for penises or vaginas or butts, there’s an online sex store just waiting for you to “walk” in. Go forth, get some extra sexy on, and be intimidated by adult web stores no longer — or if all else fails, just get freaky with that Amazon Prime account!

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