2020’s Best Lingerie on the Market

2020’s Best Lingerie on the Market

Lingerie is one of the most intimate garments touching your skin in your most private places. In many situations, you’re the only one who knows what you have on under your clothes. Even though 2020 has certainly thrown us for a loop, we can still enjoy the basics, which includes our top picks for the best lingerie on the market.

Why Invest in New Lingerie?

In the face of a global pandemic and looming stay-at-home orders, lingerie might seem a little obsolete. After all, who cares what you wear, right? Wrong. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the comfort of pajamas and sweatpants, not being able to dress up can mess up your routine.

In fact, experts argue that, even if you are staying at home, you should still go through your morning hygiene and dressing routine because doing so will put you in a calmer mindset and help you feel better. Likewise, you should always find times and ways to treat yourself and your partner if applicable to something special.

Besides, lingerie should be worn for yourself first and foremost- it is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off. Wearing lingerie offers a sense of mystery, like it’s your secret until you choose to give someone a glimpse. And what better time to find a personal pick-me-up than with everything that’s been going on in 2020?

What to Look for in Lingerie?

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While wearing lingerie is fun, shopping for lingerie can be challenging. When shopping for lingerie, you want to keep a few key points in mind, including:


You definitely want to be reasonably comfortable in your lingerie. If you’re looking at a piece that you love but maybe doesn’t look comfortable, you want to consider that you may be giving up comfort for the look and keep that specific lingerie ensemble for certain special occasions.


Everyone has their own unique style regarding clothing, and lingerie is no different. Even if you keep up with the popular cuts and colors, you still want to choose something that resonates with your taste.

Body Shape

Let’s face it; we are all shaped differently, and that’s a good thing. After all, imagine how boring the world would be if everyone were shaped the exact same way? When buying lingerie, shop for your body shape and opt for pieces and ensembles that will support you while also flattering your body shape.

Pricing vs. Quality

Indulging in quality lingerie can be challenging during the pandemic, which has brought with it plenty of economic uncertainty. However, the cheapest options may not look or feel great and are often made from lower-quality materials. Finding a middle ground between pricing and quality is important.

Our Top Lingerie for 2020 Roundup

Wicked Temptations

If you’re looking for a bit of flair and a lot of variety, check out Wicked Temptations. They have a great variety of lingerie ranging from seriously sexy nighttime ensembles to something to spice up date night. They even have a few “club” options that work well for that intimate ‘stay at home’ date night with a partner. 

Hosiery Etc

Whether you’re looking for lingerie that is comfortable for daily wear or something a little bit more sexy for special occasions, Hosiery Etc has a great variety of thigh-high tights, bras, panties, and elegant ensembles to enjoy, 


One of our favorite things about this lingerie line is its comprehensive sizing options. With over 80 bra sizes to choose from, including half-cup sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for both sexy and everyday wear. 


This line is known for its breathable style and seamless lace. Cosabella bras and panties are great for wearing under clothing and will help you avoid unseemly lines. 


In the past, women have had to choose between sheer lingerie and supportive lingerie. Not anymore. CUUP offers bras equipped with innovative mesh technology that allows you to enjoy the sheer look with plenty of support. 

La Perla

With over 60 years in the industry, La Perla provides fresh styles and classic designs that make this pick an oldie-but-goodie. 

Carine Gilson

If you’re all about the details, Carine Gilson might just be to your taste.  Crafted with attention to detail from the finest materials, including Lyon silks and Calais laces, Carine Gilson definitely earns its haute couture status. 

Agent Provocateur

Another classic Agent Provocateur offers boudoir-inspired accessories in addition to sensual lingerie, including garters and corsets. Whether you’re looking for something subtle, or something incredibly provocative, Agent Provocateur has plenty of great options. 


We love this brand for its ability to combine comfort and sensuality. Eberjey’s signature boy shorts and bralettes offer comfort for daily wear and a touch of decadence. Note that if you’re a bigger cup size, working with bralettes might be a bit tricky for everyday wear but can be great for certain occasions. 

Le Petit Trou

If you love all things ruffly and shimmery, you have to check out Le Petit Trou. They have the cutest mood-lifting lingerie that is great for special occasions and days when you need just a little bit of a pick-me-up.  

Dora Larsen

Offers comfortable lingerie in an array of unique color combinations to suit your mood and style. This brand is great for everyday wear, but it also looks amazing on special occasions in the right color combination. 


This is a brand new line that just launched in 2019 out of New York with a collection of pieces that can be worn day and night. The luxe line offers plenty of sheer and ruffled options that compliment rather than constrict for a combination of comfortable and sexy.


  • Lingerie is great for that special someone but can also be used as a great personal mood lifter regardless of whether you’re at work or home.
  • When choosing lingerie, you’ll want to compliment your personal style and your natural body shape.
  • Finding a balance of price, quality, and something you like can be tricky but is worth the effort.




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