Anal Beads: Everything You Need to Know

Anal Beads: Everything You Need to Know

They might look like a weird necklace, but anal beads definitely don’t belong on your neck. And while we’re here, anal beads aren’t jewelry for your butthole either. Whether you’ve used these nifty sex beds before, or are simply exploring the concept, here is everything you’ll want to know about anal beads.

What Are Anal Beads?

what are anal beads

Anal beads, aka thunder beads, are a set of beads or balls connected by a string. The beads go in your anus and typically have a plug or handle to help you use the beads and to help ensure that the beads don’t get lost in your anus.

The beads are traditionally circular but can be oval or have another shape. The beads can be made up of several different materials, including silicone.

Why Anal Beads?

The point of anal beads is to increase sexual pleasure. According to Dr. Evan Goldstein, who specializes in proctology and anal surgery, the anus is full of nerve endings that can be stimulated via the beads. If you have a penis, the beads can stimulate the prostate gland. If you have a vulva or vaginal canal, which runs near the anus, it can be stimulated via the anus.

Where to Buy Anal Beads?

Buying anal beads is pretty straightforward. You can choose between going to a physical store, such as Hustler, or going online. You can even find a selection of anal beads on Amazon. Because there are so many choices, you may want to decide on the type of anal beads before choosing a place to shop.

Types of Anal Beads

There are many different types of anal beads. When choosing your anal beads, here are a few essential things to consider:


Silicone is popular for sex toys, including anal beads, and is deemed safe to use in the body. However, there are also other materials, including glass or metal, that can also be used.

Size and Shape

Most anal beads increase in size, but some anal bead strings are longer than others and have more variation. When shopping, look at the smallest and largest bead sizes and the number of beads on the string. You should also consider the shape of the beads.

Vibrating Anal Beads

Some anal bead sets have a few extra special features. If youre comfortable with anal beads, consider upgrading to vibrating anal beads for even more sensation.

Some Beads to Consider

If youre new to anal beads or want some new ideas, here are a few selections to consider:

Carnal Bliss Beads

These are three silicone beads with a handle that allows for easy manipulation to enhance sexual pleasure. These are perfect for beginners. Check them out here.

Silicone Anal Beas Power Wand

These beads come with an attachment that allows them to be placed on most standard vibrating wands. You can use your beads without the wand or attach the wand for an enhanced sensation. Check them out here.

NJOY Fun Wand

This steel wand can be used to stimulate the g-spot or as a set of anal beads. The steel wand is very easy to clean and is great for temperature play. Check it out here.

How to Use Anal Beads

There are plenty of ways to use anal beads both on your own and with your partner. Here are a few important tips:

Start Slow

If youre new to anal beads, start slow. Use the smallest bead first and just see how you feel. The biggest concern for most people is that the anus is involved in the pooping process, which means that, oftentimes, you may run into a bit of a mess. If youre shy, use the beads by yourself first before you try them with a partner.

Theyre Meant to Come Out

Unlike a butt plug that goes in and stays in to create a feeling of fullness, anal beads are meant to be inserted and then pulled out at different speeds to help enhance your sexual experience. In most cases, you will want to pull the beads out as you or your partner are reaching a climax.

Not Necessarily the Main Event

While using anal beads by themselves is fine if youre just starting out, the beads are meant to enhance an experience vs. being the main event. In other words, you want to be stimulated by your partner or other toys while youre using the beads.

Try Your Shower

If youre worried about a mess, try using anal beads in the shower. The presence of soap and water on hand makes it easy to get clean quickly. However, remember that youll want plenty of lube.

Lube is Key

Whenever you put anything into your anus, you want to make sure that there is enough lubrication to ensure that the process is pleasurable and not painful. Remember also that silicone lube and silicone anal beads dont mix, so you may want to use a condom or go for another type of lubricant.

Clean Diligently

While anal play is fun, leftover poop particles are not, which is why we recommend cleaning your anal beads after every single use. Youll also want to clean your lube bottle and any other toys that you have used along with the anal beads every time you use them.


  • Contrary to some myths, anal beads are not butt jewelry.
  • Anal beads come in several types of materials and many shapes and sizes. Depending on your level of experience, you can choose the right shape, size, and material to fit your needs.
  • Always make sure to clean your anal beads, lube bottle, and any other toys you use after each session.
  • Anal beads are meant to be used with other forms of sexual stimulation, but they can be used alone if youre just starting to explore.
  • Anal beads can get messy.
  • Lubrication is key to ensuring that anal beads are a pleasant experience.


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