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10 Tips to Help You With Long Distance Relationship Sex

10 Tips to Help You With Long Distance Relationship Sex

Long-distance relationships can be challenging in many ways, and for many people, not having physical intimacy is definitely at the top of that list. Fortunately, thanks to technology, there are ways to get some intimate time with your partner even if you’re not physically together. There are many different video apps that will let you hear and see your partner for a little bit of sexy time. 

Here are some of our favorite intimate tips to try for long-distance relationships. 

 Long Distance Sex

1. Take It to the Bathroom

Bathtubs are a relaxing way to talk to your loved one and get in some sexy time. Getting sexy from a bathtub can also be more comforting if you are a little bit shy because the water can keep certain things covered and others, well, not so much. 

Incorporating a bath into your online intimacy can work in several ways. You may choose to be in a bathtub, but your partner may or may not make the same choice, which is perfectly fine. Whatever you and your partner choose, make sure you set the mood with bubbles, bath oils, and other amenities that make you feel relaxed. 

A quick note on this: You definitely want to be careful with your phone or laptop near the water. Leave it unplugged if possible because you don’t want to worry about charger cords after orgasms. 

2. Put in Some FaceTime

While you’re probably seeing your long-distance partner’s face on video quite often, it’s probably been a while since you’ve seen their face when they are enjoying themselves. The goal is for you and your partner to masturbate while keeping the camera on faces only. This lets you see your partner’s reactions and can be extremely intimate. 

Take turns masturbating while watching each other’s face or see if you can come at the exact same time. 

3. Follow the Leader 

While you may not be able to physically touch your partner if you are not in the same room, you can instruct your partner to touch themselves the way that you’d want to touch them. In this case, your partner’s hands become an extension of you because you are the one calling the shots. 

There’s something sexy about having one partner cede control to another. You can take turns being the leader or dominant in the scenario or let one partner lead the whole way through. If you’re leading, tell your partner where and how you want them to touch themselves or what toys you want them to use on themselves while you sit back and enjoy the show or masturbate along. 

Conversely, you can let your partner take the reins as you relax and follow their instructions, knowing that your partner would probably be doing all of these things to you and more if they were right there with you. 

4. Take Control of Their Pleasure

Long Distance Relationship Sex

If you want to take an even more active role in your partner’s pleasure, consider checking out toys that can link to a mobile app. The toys can be activated and adjusted remotely, even from long distances, and will allow you complete control of all the toy’s functions. 

If you’re trying a new toy or app for the first time, make sure you do a run-through or two to work out any potential technical glitches. After all, you don’t want your partner to get hot and bothered, only to have to stop because the app isn’t downloading. 

5. Tease Each Other 

Take turns putting on a show for each other. This might involve a sexy striptease, masturbating for each other on camera, offering your partner a shot of your genitals, and other lewd acts that you’d be doing in the bedroom if your partner is in physical proximity. You can even tease your partner by making a no-touching rule, as in, your partner cannot touch themselves during the ‘show.’ 

When it comes to teasing on camera, do as much, or as little, as you are comfortable with doing. 

6. Make it a Date

While getting sexy remotely is fun, why not make it a digital date night? Prepare an evening of dinner, chatting, and games followed by a sexy time. Whatever game you choose, make sure that you have a sexy twist built-in. For instance, the loser gets to take off a piece of clothing, or the winner gets to play the leader for a few minutes. 

7. Assign Some Home Work 

Being long-distance might mean that you and your partner are not in the same time zone. If you are having trouble syncing your schedules, consider giving your partner a little bit of homework when they have the time. This might mean asking your partner to use a specific toy or wear a particular outfit while masturbating. 

8. Replicate 

If you want that familiar touch even without your partner present, consider getting a replica of their genitals and giving them a replica of yours the next time you are together. 

9. Write Something Naughty

Writing erotica to each other is a great way to connect with your partner on your own schedule. Not only do you get a chance to use your creative writing skills, but you will also be able to drop some hints about some of your fantasies in your writing. 

You can even get extra creative and act out some of your erotica the next time you and your partner are physically together. 

10. Plan a Watch Party 

Watching porn together can be a great way to do something sexy together even if you are apart. You can watch it together and then try it, but you can also use what you watch as an inspiration for the next time that you are together. 


  • You can, and should, get creative when it comes to long-distance sex.
  • As long as you’re planning remote sexy time, why not arrange a remote date? 
  • You can do as little, or as much, as you like on camera.
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